October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As someone who’s experienced domestic violence first hand – both on a personal and professional level – I find myself thinking a lot about domestic violence in all its forms, and I challenge all six of you who read this blog to take a moment to think about domestic violence.

The Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence has issued a report on a study that explores the stories behind each of the 46 domestic violence-related deaths (including 6 suicides) in the state of Wisconsin in 2005, and I’d encourage you all to take a moment to read one or two of the accounts of 34 people became domestic-violence homicide victims in Wisconsin in 2005. The accounts aren’t long, but they are both brutal and tragic, and they give readers a snapshot of what domestic violence really is.

So take a moment, click the link I’ve provided, and read the report – you’ll be glad you did.

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