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October 2007
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What a Perfect Mess…

It’s day 102 of Wisconsin budget watch, with what seems like no end in sight. Republicans, led by Assembly Speaker Mike Huebsch, are stalling the passage of a budget to score cheap political points with their rapidly dwindling conservative base, but this debacle is only likely to backfire once elections roll around in 2008.

Now […]

Lawton to Lead Historic Drive for Workforce Wellness

Lieutenant Governor Barbara Lawton will lead Wisconsin’s largest-ever observance of National Depression Screening Day, hosting events in Madison and Green Bay today. She will be joined by representatives of major employers and organizations to announce record-setting participation in employee depression screening. It’s estimated that as many as one million people in Wisconsin live with depression. […]

Richardson Campaign In Trouble?

Could New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson’s presidential campaign be in trouble? Earlier today, CNN’s Political Ticker blog reported Richardson’s South Carolina state co-chair Fletcher Smith is leaving the Richardson campaign because of Smith’s belief that Governor Richardson’s plan for the hasty withdrawal of American troops from Iraq is a bad idea.

“Right now we […]

John Jazwiec is Certifiably Insane

First of all, I have to give props to Michael Mathias over at Pundit Nation for his entry on John Jazwiec, as well as links to emails Jazwiec has sent to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. For those of you who are unfamiliar with John Jazwiec, he’s the Milwaukee-hating CEO of RedPrairie Corporation who recently alleged […]

Domestic Violence

October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month. As someone who’s experienced domestic violence first hand – both on a personal and professional level – I find myself thinking a lot about domestic violence in all its forms, and I challenge all six of you who read this blog to take a moment to think about […]

The Truth About State Employees

It seems like an all too commonly held belief in some circles (i.e. Republicans and small-government kooks) that state employees are lazy and overpaid, and throughout the Joint Finance Committees’s budget negotiations, some Republicans have floated ideas on how to really stick it to state employees, such as only paying state employees once a month, […]

Taylor’s In.

Earlier today, State Senator Lena Taylor announced she is running for Milwaukee County Executive, confirming what’s been one of Southeastern Wisconsin’s worst-kept secrets. Even though her announcement is less than twelve hours old, Taylor’s already begun picking up support from prominent Democrats, with Governor Jim Doyle calling Taylor a “great candidate.” In addition, State Democratic […]