Fred Dooley, proprietor of Real Debate Wisconsin, got caught with his pants down today, posting an interesting little tirade over at his blog alleging that the Obama/Biden campaign was encouraging voter fraud here in Wisconsin because of a flier sent out by that campaign. Dooley was outraged…..OUTRAGED!!!!!! that the flier says citizens can register to vote if they bring an eligible voter from your municipality who shows proof of residence and affirms that you live at your address, because according to Fred, the law doesn’t allow an eligible voter to vouch for someone else. Fred even cited Wisconsin’s election law as proof of his point, all the while either conveniently ignoring or failing to read the following section:

Corroborating Witness

If an Election Day registrant or a voter with an “ID required” notation is unable to provide proof of residence, they may have another qualified elector of the municipality corroborate his or her residence by signing the Voter Registration Application (EB-131) as a witness. The corroborator must be a qualified elector of the municipality and provide proof of residence. The corroborator is not required to be a registered voter.

After being caught in his obvious lie – with his pants down, if you will – what was Fred’s reaction? Well, instead of being a man and owning up to his mistake, Fred simply deleted his blog entry in its entirety. Apparently for Fred it’s much easier to pretend you never made a mistake than it is to actually admit you made one, because accountability is overrated.

However, thanks to the magic of the intertubes, here’s Fred’s blog entry, followed by the flier that had him whipped into a frenzy.

The attached document is encouraging activity in violation of Wisconsin’s already loose election law.

I quote, “No proof of residence? You can still register to vote if you bring an eligible voter from your municipality who shows proof of residence and affirms that you live at your address.”

Sorry folks, they made that up. Here is a link to the State of Wisconsin Elections Board rules, nowhere does showing up to register with someone to vouch for you come into play.

This flyer was paid or by the Democratic Party of Wisconsin so they are obviously complicit in encouraging people to break election law.

Why do Democrats keep trying to cheat?

Why won’t any of the major media call them on it?

Can you imagine the outroar if Republicans were passing fraudulent information about Wisconsin election law? Hell, they are after AG Van Hollen for daring to ask the “accountability” board to follow the freaking law.

The unethical Democratic party is at it again, and they’ll continue to get away with it until enough people raise hell about this problem.

And here’s the flier in question (click to view it full size):

And did I mention that Red State picked up on Fred’s story? They did, because apparently they’re just as desperate as Fred to blame an Obama win on voter fraud.

Now I haven’t named an Idiot of the Week in a good long time, so I’m going to go ahead and name Fred Dooley as the winner of this week’s Idiot of the Week Award. Congratulations, Fred!

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9 Responses to Fred Dooley: caught with his pants down

  1. capper says:

    Zach, you’re a bad, bad blogger. Do you realize how many people, including myself, will now have nightmares caused by the visual image of Dooley with his pants down?

    Shame on you!

  2. Zach W says:

    capper, forgive me, but I thought it to be an appropriate statement.

    Fred must have been terribly embarassed when he realized he wasn’t as smart as the rest of us who actually know what the law says.

  3. Tim says:

    Bomb picture thief. 😉

  4. Zach W says:

    Tim, I’m not a thief; I borrowed it.

  5. Tim says:

    Oh, okay. Do you have my blender?

  6. Zach W says:

    Sorry Tim, no luck with the blender. I haven’t needed one of those since I got a Magic Bullet for Christmas last year!

  7. Jason Haas says:

    You know, I was really fine not having a face attached to the Fat Man……

  8. kay says:

    First, I won’t have nightmares over a pantless Dooley…..I’m afraid I’ll wake up laughing. However, I’m not sure I can ever look at him IRL again without cracking up.

    btw, how does that damn trackback thingie work. I want to have a trackback to this on my blog. If it’s too complicated I’m just going to link it……if that’s okay with you.

    so, where would a nice woman like me get a nice photo shop of a pantless Fred, anyway. Something along the lines of a naked Homer with Fred’s head? Meanwhile I might just take a stab at something else with Fred’s face…………as “W” would say,heh heh heh

  9. grumps says:

    I can’t guarantee he was or wasn’t wearing pants in this pic.

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