Courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, here’s the arrest video for State Rep. Jeff Wood’s OWI arrest:
To Rep. Wood’s credit, at least he didn’t pull out the, “I’m a state legislator” card.

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3 Responses to The Jeff Wood arrest video

  1. Fred Keller says:

    State Trooper: “I noticed you have a couple priors…”

    Speaking of “cards,” this guy should sign up for an AA Card.

  2. At least he didn’t try the “Dude, these aren’t my pants” excuse when it came to the weed in his pocket.

    What does Wood say at 13:27 on the video?

  3. Zach W says:

    Roland, I’m not sure what Wood said at 13:27, but it sounded like, “this isn’t cool” or “this isn’t good.”

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