From the first post at Heartland Hollar comes a novel fundraising idea for Scott Walker’s 2010 gubernatorial campaign, which kicked off this week:

s you may know, Scott Walker is “officially” believing in himself as governor again (or did he ever stop) and he is going to need a lot of charity from people to survive his bloody primary against Mark Neumann.

Now it’s one thing for Milwaukee’s very own blowhard, Charlie Sykes, to post Walker e-mails on his blog and provide free radio airtime defending Walker’s disastrous record and failed ideas, but it’s quite another to show real support for Walker and the right-wing talking points.

That’s why in our inaugural post at Heartland Hollar we would like to ask that you join our “Waterboarding for Walker” campaign.

Our first task is to have you pledge support for Sykes to follow Hannity’s lead and agree to undergo waterboarding for charity- in this case, Walker’s campaign for governor.

We can think of no better way for Charlie to use his Sunday Insight TV show to “stand up for what’s right” and once and for all prove to everyone that waterboarding is not torture.

Remember, in 2006 Walker had to drop out of his primary run against Mark Green because of a lack of funding. And recently, GOP king moneybags, Jim Klauser put out the word that Neumann, not Walker, was his guy.

Walker is going to need all the help he can get from like minded wing nuts who are longing for the Bush Cheney days. It’s time to “Believe in waterboarding again.”

So help us today and send Charlie an e-mail telling him you are pledging your support to the “Waterboarding for Walker” campaign.

Tell’m Heartland Hollar sent ya. It’s time for Charlie to put his mouth where the money is

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  1. Bravo, No not a catholic vote for him. the Shepherd-express came out with an unscientific poll and said something like 34% of their respondents thought that Walker had a chance to make it through the primaries.

    Best Regards


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