Yesterday I wrote about Dave Westlake’s new “orange shirt” gimmick, and at the time I noted it seemed hypocritical for Westlake’s website to say, “No Gimmicks. No Hidden Agenda. No Fear of Standing Up for What’s Right” while Westlake used the very obvious gimmick of wearing a blaze orange shirt at all his campaign events.

Dave Westlake - No Gimmicks!

Dave Westlake - No Gimmicks!

As if they were reading my blog, Westlake’s campaign has taken down any reference to the “No Gimmicks” statement on his campaign website, instead replacing it with the statement, “Bold Actions, Bold Color.”

Since the Westlake for Senate campaign seems to change slogans like most people change underwear, I’ve come up with a few suggestions for some possible campaign slogans:

  • “Westlake for Senate: Even in Orange, I Won’t Get More Than 42%.”
  • “Westlake for Senate: Pay No Attention to Terrence Wall!”
  • “Westlake for Senate: I’d Rather Be Hunting.”
  • “Westlake for Senate: This Orange Shirt Really Makes My Eyes Pop!”
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2 Responses to Dave Westlake’s new campaign slogan

  1. james averbeck says:

    Hey, let’s do something novel with at least one race in Wisconsin. Consider all candidates and incumbants statespersons and focus on the issues within the campaign. Senator Feingold for example seems to have the knack for running a decent campaign – his followers can learn from that. I suggest more and more of us are moving from party level politics and looking at the history/potential of the candidate. I use to be more of a “Democrat” then I am now. It is embarrassing to be just a “Repubican” and it’s getting too expensive to be a “Democrat”. Pay attention to the incumbants voting record and the challanger’s potential … not to media or blog slanted presentations.

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