Do The Folks who keep telling us MPS is Great as is,
just need a Little more time to make everything ok.
Do they ever consider what the Cost of Doing nothing is?

1st there’s this Tragic Story!!

And Then Another Child Dies

This is a failure of our system in so many ways !

But Michael Bonds and The Folks At MPS would have us Believe Everything is Okie Dokie in Our Education System?

Whether you Support Mayor Barrett’s MPS reform Plan or one of the Many other Options. It should be clear to Every MPS Leader like Bonds, and State officials like Christine Sinicki ,that the Status Quo in Education is literally killing our City and it’s Citizens!


I give Tons of Credit To Mayor Barrett for having the Guts to attack this crucial issue head on . Yes he might alienate some allies and it could even cost him his chance at being elected Governor.
But once Again he shows that he really is putting his concern for the welfare of Milwaukee Citizens ahead of the politically easy option of just ignoring this problem.
Perhaps if MPS and The City of Milwaukee had more of this type of leaders with a “Profiles In Courage” type of attitude,
This Education system could be fixed without everyone worring about THEIR NEXT ELECTION!!


9 Responses to More MPS Success Stories!

  1. Rich says:

    I don’t know what the direct linkage to MPS is in these incidents. There are many other factors that contribute to these conditions than simply a poor education.

    • Zach W says:

      Yeah, I’d have to agree that education (or a lack thereof) isn’t the only contributing factor in these kinds of situations. There are any number of factors that come into play, so it’s not fair to just cast blame on MPS.

  2. AL says:


    I agree there are lots of factors, but can’t think of one that would help more than a solid education background!
    Direct linkage? No….but i guess there would never be Direct Linkage to say a failing Education system like MPS would be the cause of anything!

  3. Super Id says:

    “give Tons of Credit To Mayor Barrett for having the Guts to attack this crucial issue head on . Yes he might alienate some allies and it could even cost him his chance at being elected Governor.”

    I agree. It’s the first time I’ve seen Barrett willing to “rock the boat” and I give him a lot of credit. Although I don’t particularily care for Walker, I would like to see Barrett lose the election and continue on as Milwaukee’s mayor. I believe, that as mayor, Barrett can do more for Milwaukee (and the state of Wisconsin) by fixing MPS than he could ever hope to accomplish as Gov.

    Currently, the MPS graduation rates are abysmal. To blame it on “other factors” such as poverty ignores that successful education programs do exist crime infested/low income areas. For example, the KIPP School program has been very successful in low income areas. I would like to see programs such as KIPP tried here.

  4. Michael Mathias says:

    All of the criticisms I’ve read of MPS this is, hands down, the least informed. And that’s saying a lot. And his last name is Bonds.

  5. AL says:


    Wasn’t meant to be any type of In Depth Critical Study?
    Just My opinion. Sorry the Truth can be painful.
    Are you Saying You feel Education, or lack of it,
    plays no part in stories like this?

    Fixed The Spelling.

  6. Zach W says:

    I’ll just say that while I agree that MPS is in need of reform, I don’t support the idea of an appointed (and thus unelected) school board. If the mayor wants to pick the MPS superintendent, then fine, but taking away the right of the people to choose their school board members is taking things just a little too far.

  7. Al says:


    if you are against “taking away the right to vote”
    for MPS BOARD.
    where is your outrage over not being able to vote for

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