Late last month, Lora Rae Anderson, the former chair of the College Republicans of Wisconsin, announced she would not be renewing her membership in the Republican Party of Wisconsin for 2010. At the time of her announcement, Anderson cited her discontent with the direction of the Republican Party, which had taken a sharp turn to the far right of the political spectrum. Anderson also cited an incident in which the Eau Claire County Republican Chairman, Brian Westrate, used “cultural insults and racial slurs” during an argument on Facebook with some of Anderson’s liberal friends as being part of her decision to not renew her membership in the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

In a new development to Lora Rae Anderson’s story, she announced at a press conference earlier today that she has not only left the Republican Party, but that she has joined the Democratic Party. I had a chance to speak to Lora Rae about her decision to join the Democratic Party, and she told me her decision came only after careful consideration led her to the realization that the Republican Party was moving further and further to the right, and in doing so was making it clear there was no room for those who weren’t “ideologically pure.” Lora Rae also noted her decision to join the Democratic Party came about because she wanted to make it crystal clear that she will no longer be voting for Republicans because they’ve veered too far to the right. One thing Lora Rae did make clear is that she considers herself to be center-left in her beliefs, so she hasn’t shifted her beliefs too dramatically.

Asked how she expected her decision to join the Democratic Party to be met by her conservative friends and associates, Lora Rae noted reaction to her previous press release was almost universally criticized by conservatives, so she expects she’ll be criticized for her most recent decision.

Here’s video of Lora Rae Anderson announcing her decision to join the Democratic Party of Wisconsin:

10 Responses to Former College Republicans chair joins Democratic Party

  1. bofcudahy says:

    I really feel bad for fiscal conservatives who are wary of how far right the Republican Party is slipping really have no where to go. There are time when I agree with fiscal conservatism, but I never agree with encroaching far right social agendas. I’m more liberal though so more often than not I agree with the Democratic Party’s stance. It must be a nightmare being fiscally conservative but socially liberal. It would be far more interesting if our political process wasn’t so polarized between two parties.

  2. La Crosse Brian says:

    She is a DRUNK!!! Check out her record at

    She’s all yours now!!!

    • Zach W says:

      One underage drinking ticket from three years hardly makes her a drunk.

      Everyone makes mistakes, and clearly she learned from hers.

  3. forgotmyscreenname says:

    Leaving the Republican party is one thing, but then immediately joining the Democrats, a party so diametrically opposed to at least SOME of the things she must have stood for as a Republican, ruins all her credibility.

    And what issue does she cite for leaving? Free health care for lazy 26 year olds?! Come on! I have to wonder what she was promised or what kind of job she will soon be getting when she enters that job market in a few months. What did she sign there at the end? A loyalty oath? Good look with that DPW! Jeff Wood left just in time and I’m guessing so did she.

  4. Mike S says:

    I’m sure many wouldn’t like to hear this in the circles I run in, but I agree with Lora’s position and reasoning.

  5. Chris says:

    I understand where she is coming from almost. I myself am left of center or in the center on social issues but i am right of center on economic issues. Yes I have thought of being a registered Democrat but I just don;t like the spending philosiphy of the Democrats. I guess I’ll just stay Independent with my Libertarian self!

  6. Chris says:

    I will say if she was center-left in most of her political beliefs than she belongs in the Democratic Party.

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