Capper over at Cognitive Dissidence is reporting Terrence Wall is definitely dropping out of the Republican U.S. Senate primary. Capper doesn’t cite a specific reason for Wall’s decision, and obviously it’s just a rumor, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the rumor were true.

With Ron Johnson entry into the race, followed by his endorsement by the party (which was very obviously engineered by Reince Priebus and the RPW muckety mucks), there didn’t seem to be much room for Wall in the Republican U.S. Senate primary. Terrence Wall and Ron Johnson are essentially the same kind of candidate (rich, well connected “job creators” with no experience as an elected official), so it doesn’t make sense for both Wall and Johnson to stay in the Republican race. If Terrence Wall does drop out of the Republican U.S. Senate primary, setting up a two-way primary between Dave Westlake and Ron Johnson, it’ll be interesting to see how Johnson fares as the candidate of the GOP establishment in a year that certainly hasn’t been kind to establishment candidates (just ask Trey Grayson or Vaughn Ward).

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4 Responses to Is Terrence Wall dropping out?

  1. Dropping? Dropped.

    How long before One Wisconsin Now’s freshly re-hacked talking points come through the pipeline? So far nada…unless you count some pothead’s attempt at political analysis.

    “Duuude…man, dude looks like Mr. Burns.”

  2. Jason Haas says:

    So then, will something replace the Terry Wall Tax Loophole Tracker? I think you should leave it up for a while. At least until we see about Ron Johnson’s taxes.

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