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15 Responses to West Allis bar owner makes Olbermann’s “Worst Persons in the World”

  1. KJ says:

    Where were Olbermann’s comments regarding all of the worst person’s in the world who were creating, selling and wearing in public F**K Bush t-shirts? Oh, yeah, he was busy showing his respect for the President of the United States by going on national TV and yelling “Mr Bush Shut the Hell UP!”
    Or how about blasting the Mexican students in California who decided to hang the US flag upside down on the most recent Cinco de made-up mexican holiday? Isn’t that disrespecting the President of the US and all of its residents?
    He is nothing but a blow hard, name calling, hypocrite with absolutely no moral compass.

    • bofcudahy says:

      Olbermann witnessed first hand sheer hatred and intolerance by his peers, and when he dared speak up they went after him. If I recall, that was was sent him off on his crusade. I think he sees the far right as a true threat to freedom (constant attacks on due process, calling a fairly elected administration “socialist” or “un-American, disdain for the unfortunate and characterization of political foes as welfare leechers, ignoring or making excuses for far-right bigotry, etc), and because of that he’s extremely dramatic in calling out the more extreme far right. He noticed after 9/11 the growing attitude of “if you don’t agree with us you’re anti-American.” It’s a very dangerous mindset and he’s right to call people out on it, and he’s right to call out bigoted banshees like Ann Coulter. I don’t watch his show so I’m sure there’s plenty of things he says I probably wouldn’t agree with, and I certainly wouldn’t be so rude about it as he is, but I like that his motivation is clear in his calling out increasingly far right rhetoric, rhetoric that I believe could lead to the loss of freedom in this country far easier than any fear about “socialism” or terrorism.

      Some of his worst persons in the world are common sense, such as his attacks on that banshee Ann Coulter. I wouldn’t go about it the way he does, but despite his rambling I think he makes some good points. Olbermann called out the Bush Administration’s outright attacks on due process and its willingness to embrace torture under another name.

      It really makes no sense to try and deflect just how crazy this West Allis man is by pointing out other angry people. I’d hardly call an upside-down flag or T-shirts condemning the former president akin to this ritual funeral pyre either.

  2. Zach W says:

    Cinco de made-up?

    It’s called Cinco de Mayo amd it’s not “made up,” but I’m sure you knew that. As for the students hanging the U.S. flag upside down, I can cite examples of conservatives doing the exact same thing, but I’m sure that’s okay, right?

  3. Mortified West Allis Resident says:

    I hope to God Keith didn’t mention West Allis. We, as a City, don’t deserve to be associated with this stupid juvenile conduct.

  4. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Much ado about nothing.

  5. KJ says:

    Disrespecting our flag is uncalled for regardless of political affiliation, so please cite away, I would like to condemn any conservative that did it also.
    As for cinco de made up day, it is a little known, seldom celebrated day in Mexico commemorating a victory against the French in the city of Pueblo. Why did the French attack? because the Mexican government decided to stop paying back a loan they received from France. As for the celebration in the US, it was a marketing campaign thought up by the Corona company to sell more beer. It is no more relevant than sweetest day.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      John McCain…during the campaign he was autographing flags. That is a major breech of flag etiquette.

      Cinco de Mayo is a minor holiday in Mexico like St Pat’s day is in Ireland. They recognize it but it isn’t the huge excuse to party that we in the US have made it. The forts in Puebla are partially restored and proudly maintained and a pretty scenic place to visit. Not sure about the payments, but it would have been just the kind of pretense for Napoleon to invade. Mexico won the battle of Puebla but lost the war.

  6. KJ says:

    A breech of etiquette, but I doubt intentional disrespect. It was John McCain so it may have been simply a senior moment.
    Excellent point to compare St Pats to Cinco de Mayo. Although I am sure there is an illegal Irishman somewhere in the US, living in Erin I have been to numerous St Patrick’s day celebrations and have yet to see anyone protesting for the rights of illegal aliens and disrespecting our flag. No school kids have been sent home for wearing red, white and blue on March 17th.

  7. Ed Heinzelman says:

    A senior moment? From a decorated war hero, a respected Senator and major party candidate for President? Thank goodness he wasn’t elected if he’s prone to senior moments.

    And those kids should have been sent home no matter what day it was. They too were in violation of the rules of flag etiquette. I commented on that at the time.

    And there are certainly illegal Irish in this country. Most of them refugees from the troubles in Northern Ireland. But late 19th and early 20th century there were plenty of them (and plenty of legal Irish immigrants as well)and they suffered more than their share of discrimination in this country. NO IRISH NEED APPLY was a common sign on the doors of human resource offices. And today we celebrate Irish heritage and culture.

    I’ll have to verify this but I believe in my reading the last two weeks or so I saw an article that said only 60% of the illegal immigrants are Hispanic.

  8. silent E says:

    Illegals flying it upside down is a blatant show of disrespect. McCain’s gaff is disrespectful as well but not blatant. Athletes wrapping themselves in it is also disrespectful but again not blatant. The flag being flown upside down is a sign of distress and given the current state of this administration, conservatives are following proper etiquette.

    • bofcudahy says:

      Wait, when Hispanics fly the flag upside down it’s disrespectful, but when conservatives pout about not getting their way by doing so it’s proper etiquette? That’s some pretty messed up logic there, in my opinion. I’ll call it for what it is, it’d disrespectful no matter who does it for political reasons, and the conservatives have NO moral high ground to stand on over the “illegals” as you characterize every Hispanic person that would dare fly it upside-down. It’s distasteful to fly it upside down and far-right fear mongering about not getting their way on policy makes no more sense than the “illegals” doing it.

      • bofcudahy says:

        By the way I’m NOT sticking up for illegal immigrants nor am I sticking up for anyone flying it upside down. It’s wrong no matter who does it, and doing it for political fear mongering is just is bad is all I’m saying.

      • silent E says:

        Can you show me where I specified Hispanics????

  9. silent E says:

    btw…. It’s not only conservative who are worried about the direction this admin is going… It’s independents and democrats as well. Take a look around when you get a chance.

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