As noted by xoff over at Uppity Wisconsin, the Republican gubernatorial race is starting to get rough. Earlier today, Mark Neumann showed up outside the office of fellow Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker to attack Walker for his fiscal record as Milwaukee County Executive. Complete with charts and graphs, Neumann hammered home the point that spending in Milwaukee County government has increased faster during Scott Walker’s term(s) in office than spending has in state government during the two terms of Gov. Jim Doyle, who conservatives have made a sport of attacking as being a fiscally irresponsible “big spender.” Neumann’s attack on Walker’s fiscal record as Milwaukee County Executive isn’t anything new, as the fine folks at One Wisconsin Now have been making that point for a while, but as an Associated Press report noted, for the attack to come from Walker’s opponent in the Republican gubernatorial primary stabs right at the heart of Scott Walker’s “Brown Bag” gimmick, which touts Walker’s record as a fiscal conservative. Neumann also said he, not Walker, was actually the more fiscally conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate, and he accused Walker of straying from the values of limited government in recent years.

In response to Neumann’s attacks, Scott Walker’s campaign issued a press release with Walker’s boilerplate response that he always proposes no tax increase budgets, while conveniently not addressing the fact that under Walker’s watch, Milwaukee County government’s spending has grown by 35%. In light of Neumann’s decision to hold his press conference attacking Walker in front of Walker’s County office, I’m betting we can expect to see the Neumann campaign release an ad attacking Walker’s fiscal record as County Executive, and if that ad illustrates how spending in Milwaukee County government under Scott Walker has grown more than spending in the state government under Gov. Jim Doyle, it’ll no doubt cause those undecided conservative voters to take a closer look at Scott Walker’s fiscal record as County Executive.

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