Republican pundit George Will & George W. Bush’s adviser Matthew Dowd both call-out Republican officeholders for being out of touch & out of step on the repeal of DADT.  I often don’t agree with George Will, but this time, I applaud his viewpoints.  He had this to say in a recent television interview:

“The Supreme Court has a famous phrase they used in some opinion ‘the evolving standards of decency that mark a maturing society”.  Clearly these are evolving.  The case is over.”

When asked what was going on with the Republicans in Congress, George Will had this to say:

“They’re not being very intelligent”

See my earlier post on how the WI GOP Congressional election voted or abstained on this issue.  Clearly they aren’t being very intelligent as George Will would say.

Looks like Representative Mark Kirk wasn’t too intelligent in his vote against DADT since it led to the Human Rights Campaign, a major gay and lesbian group to endorse his competitor Alexi Giannoullas and also to his outing on Blogactive (see my post).

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