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Political satire, conservative style

Because nothing says political satire like “poking fun” at crippling injuries suffered at the hands of a tire iron-wielding assailant: “Barrett touted his visionary leadership, solid record of job creation, and enormous mechanized hand as reasons for the downturn in crime, the tenth-straight drop reported by the city since Barrett declared his candidacy for governor.”

Feingold does NOT flip-flop on GBP stock!

Yesterday the campaign of incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold issued a statement making it clear Sen. Feingold will not be divesting himself of his shares of Green Bay Packers stock, in an obvious swipe at one of his Republican opponents, Ron “Empty Suit” Johnson. Here’s the press release: MILWAUKEE – The Feingold Campaign released the […]

Is there trouble in conservative paradise?

Right-wing talk radio squawker Mark Belling apparently isn’t a big fan of at least one of Wisconsin’s “Tea Party” groups, as I came to realize during my travels through the intertubes. During his show on July 14, 2010, Belling asserted that the Rock River Patriots – one of Wisconsin’s myriad of Tea Party groups – […]

Jeff Plale and Chris Larson: behind the numbers

Just a few interesting numbers I came across regarding the campaign contributions received by incumbent Democratic State Senator Jeff Plale and his primary opponent, Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson: Plale & Larson: Behind the Numbers Jeff Plale Chris Larson # of donations received from registered lobbyists 29 1 Amount of $ received from lobbyists $7,740 […]


On November 8, 1954 President Dwight Eisenhower (Ike) wrote a letter to his brother Edgar. The two, while very close, had been battling since they were kids. Things did not change while Ike was president, as they continued their debate in a series of letters (a bit before e-mail). Edgar had always complained that his […]

I wonder what flag Hannity will wrap himself up in now….

If he is being honest he will us this one:

a Saudi billionaire caused the Fox News Channel (FNC) to dramatically alter its coverage of the Muslim riots in France after he called the network to complain. The Saudi billionaire, Al-waleed bin Talal, is a friend of News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch and controls […]

New DNC Ad – Republican Tea Party

Since I know how much you like DNC ads, I thought you’d like this new one that ties the Republican Party to their loony constituents in the Tea Party. Notice which prominent Wisconsin Republican shows up in the ad. […]

For the Geeks – Android App “Congress” Released from Beta

For the geeks following Blogging Blue, there’s a new Android App called Congress from Sunlight Labs part of the Sunlight Foundation that according to Bilerico Project is: “‘Congress’ is an exhaustive open-source resource for all things legislative. The app can use your location to identify who your local representatives are, as well as pull up voting records, sponsored bills, and contact information for any member of Congress. […]

Hello…welcome to Netroots Nation!

This is not work safe, but it’s still funny.

H/T to Down With Tyranny!

Ron Johnson dislikes “career politicans,” except when they’re helping him raise money

During his time on the campaign trail here in Wisconsin, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson has spent a lot of time lambasting “career politicians:”

“I think the problem we have in this country right now and in Washington is we have to many career and professional politicians.” – [Ron Johnson at Brookfield Chamber of […]