Tom Barrett…Not Afraid to Make a Decision !

Some drama in the 75th Assembly District

Up in Wisconsin’s 75th Assembly District, two Democrats and four Republicans are vying for the seat currently held by State Rep. Mary Hubler, who announced earlier this year she wouldn’t stand for reelection, and now that the candidates have handed in their nomination forms, there appears to be an interesting challenge to the candidacy of […]

Come Drink Liberally tonight!

From the esteemed Jason Haas (who’s a new father, by the way) comes news of the next meeting of Drinking Liberally: Hi folks,

Ever have one of those days where you’re hanging around in the hospital room with your wife and newborn son, when someone says to you, “Hey, uh, you know, you should probably […]

Bloomberg cuts some video endorsing Tom Barrett

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has formally endorsed the gubernatorial campaign of Democratic frontrunner Tom Barrett, and along with his endorsement Bloomberg cut a video explaining why he chose to endorse Barrett:

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