Yesterday the campaign of incumbent U.S. Senator Russ Feingold issued a statement making it clear Sen. Feingold will not be divesting himself of his shares of Green Bay Packers stock, in an obvious swipe at one of his Republican opponents, Ron “Empty Suit” Johnson. Here’s the press release:

MILWAUKEE – The Feingold Campaign released the following statement from U.S. Senator Russ Feingold today:

“Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend today’s Green Bay Packers annual shareholder meeting. However, I want to make it clear that I will not be divesting my one share in the Packers. Not because it’s the only stock I own, or because market conditions predict a Super Bowl, but because I am a committed Packer fan whether they are up or down.”

– U.S. Senator Russ Feingold

According to Market Place Magazine, yesterday Feingold pressed the FCC to “make it easier for residents living in northern and western Wisconsin to receive Wisconsin-related television programming, including in-state news, weather, sports and entertainment” – including Green Bay Packer games.

Also yesterday, MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews highlighted Ron Johnson’s flip-flopping positions on his hundreds of thousands of dollars of BP stock with its host noting: “The only thing this guy [Johnson] possesses more than BP, is B.S.”

It’s good to see Sen. Feingoldhas been consistent in his support of the Green Bay Packers, and it’s good to see he won’t be flip-flopping and selling his stock in the team.

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  1. Peter says:

    Are you F***ING kidding me here? This is news worthy? Why in the hell do we not focus on the real issues here? Russ has shown time and time again that despite his “support” of the Packers that those people who need his help the most are not important to him. Let look back at his approach on tough topics like health care! You know like when he held those listening sessions that he ran out the back door from in order to avoid answering the questions. Well its really great that he is so in tune with a pointless sports team, when there are far more important matters that are being passed without these politicians listening to the majority of Americans! Its time for a change and that change is going to have to come with poor old Russ looking for another job!

  2. Locke says:

    Breaking news, this just in…politician kisses babies and says local sports team is the best…film at 11.

    Actually can’t help but be reminded of the footage of our President wearing a White Sox cap to throw out a pitch for a Nationals game to show off his keeping in touch with his roots as a huge Sox fan, despite tripping all over himself and not being able to name any Sox players he liked.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      With free agency and trades they way they are now in MLB, no one knows who plays on their home town team.

      • Locke says:

        Wow, talk about making up excuses, that’s hilarious Ed.

        Of course the question wasn’t, “Who are some current players on the White Sox.” It was a nice softball question, “As a longtime Sox fan, who are some players you liked to watch,” to give him a chance to reminisce. Anyone who is truly a fan of a team can rattle off memories of guys they enjoyed watching. For him, it was about being a “south-sider,” being able to check off the right box on the resume to appeal to people.

        • Ed Heinzelman says:

          Well I claim to be a Brewers fan…but I barely know any of the current players…but if we go back to 1982 I could bring up some memories.

          But the President doesn’t know who Snooki was either.

          So what do you guys want? forgot thinks Senators shouldn’t be funny cause there are too many important issues at stake…but you think the Pres should be up on his sports facts despite the fact that there are too many important issues at stake.

          • Locke says:

            You either didn’t read or did not comprehend my post. The President wasn’t asked about current players – he was asked about ANY players.

            I honestly don’t care the least bit if our President is up on sports facts or not. I found the whole thing quite entertaining – as I always do when some one is caught in a lie & has to squirm. He presents himself as a big White Sox fan – wears the garb and refers to them has “his team.” But couldn’t come up with any players – past or present – that he could talk about.

            It’s like saying, I’m a die-hard James Bond fan. But being unable to name your favorite actor who played the role.

            What else does he claim to be, but really isn’t? Well besides a constitutional scholar.

            • Ed Heinzelman says:

              I assume he is a casual fan of the home town team like most politicians…I doubt the Secretary Clinton cared a whit about baseball and particularly the Yankees until she became a NY Senator. I imagine if we scratch the claims of most, either side of the aisle, we’d find the same.

              OTOH…it is pretty inconsequential…a more telling issue is how much press his lack of knowledge of pop culture got compared to his actual policy speeches. If I had been throwing out the first pitch I would have worn my Nationals cap…

  3. forgotmyscreenname says:

    I’m glad Russ has time to be cutesy all the while ignorning so many real problems.

  4. Jim says:

    A couple of the comments to this post rival JS and La Crosse Tribune comments in terms of sheer stupidity and missing the point completely.

    • Zach says:

      Yeah, the comment sections over at the Journal Sentinel really do draw the some of the dregs, don’t they?

      • Jim says:

        What I like about blogs is that they’re usually better than that. I’m sure you’re with me here, we really don’t mind disagreeing, we just want some intelligent conversation about it, right? We usually do have decent discussions but this one here seems to have skipped the intelligent part.

        • forgotmyscreenname says:

          Lol… Jim, where do you cast the blame though? Feingold, the guy responsible for the dumb release in the first place? Zach, the guy who thought it was smart enough to repost? Or the rest of us yahoos who took a stab at commenting on the whole mess? 🙂

          • Zach says:

            forgot, there’s no one to blame. Sometimes I post things I find interesting and thought-provoking, other times I post things simply because I find them odd or amusing. However, most importantly, I post things that I think will stir up discussion and debate, and for the most part you guys have done a great job of engaging each other in a civil – albeit sometimes heated – discussion.

            • Locke says:

              I dunno – to be perfectly honest, it seems like most of the discussions in my normal places have been awful lately. And for a variety of reasons too – sometimes argumentative or petty, disrespectful or just plain dumb or lame. Not blaming anyone – most likely I’ve done my part.

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