In a recent interview with Politico, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson was asked to give his assessment of President George W. Bush’s two terms in office, but instead of giving a straight answer, Johnson declined to answer:

“I’ll say just no opinion,” he replied when asked about Bush’s tenure as president. “He has his pluses and minuses.”

Whether you’re a Repubican or a Democrat, it seems kind of hard not to form an opinion of the job George W. Bush did during his two terms in office, because he was certainly a very polarizing president.

However, if Ron Johnson is really opinionless on the two terms of George W. Bush, perhaps he should ask the consultants running his campaign what he thinks of GWB’s two terms in office; I’m sure those consultants would be happy to tell Ron Johnson what he really thinks of the two terms of GWB.

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17 Responses to Ron Johnson should ask his consultants what he’s supposed to think

  1. proud progressive says:

    he is such an empty shell

  2. Huh? says:

    Au contraire, Ron Johnson is far from an empty shell. I say this, because I have had more than one conversation with the man and I find him to be quite intelligent and a DECENT HUMAN BEING.

    Is this really all you guys have got? Looking for those macaca moments, are we? Or are we trying to continue the “it’s all about Bush” so we can linger with the “it’s all Bushes fault” notion for freakin’ eternity?

    Side question: Does the GOP have an “in your face” camera guy following Barrett and Feingold around like the Dems do with Walker and now Johnson? (was TWall)

    • Zach W says:

      Yeah, Ron Johnson’s not an empty shell, yet he still refuses to take questions from anyone, including the media, at his campaign events.

      What’s he afraid of if he’s not an empty shell?

      • Urban Pioneer says:

        Zach, Ron Johnson took almost 40 minutes of questions last week in Kenosha. No questions were written down nor were the questions filtered. The audience wasn’t screened beforehand, nor were they asked for their political or candidate affiliation. It was intimate and informative.

  3. Proud Progressive says:

    If he was more than an empty shell, he could maybe answer a question. He wants to be come a politician and he has no opinion on 8 years? Even the fringe tea party thinks he is lacking on policy. When will he give an interview to someone not names charlie sykes?

    It appears to me he is being told to keep quiet and they hope the ycan spend their way to washington. Not win an issue oriented campaign

    • Huh? says:

      Hey Proud, you hit the nail on the head and for this I thank you! The “fringe tea party” is not the entire TEA Party movement. This may be the sentiment of the very ideological groups, but please read the following Politico piece re: RoJo for a better understanding of what is going on in our lovely state of WI:

      Zach, if you haven’t seen this one, you need to read it too…

      • Zach W says:

        Uh, that’s the article I linked to in my original entry, but thanks for pointing out that I should read it….again.

        • Huh? says:

          Well you got me on that one. Shows how much I cared about his answer on Bush. I was paying more attention to the opinions on Ron in the TEA movement. I am glad you saw the piece…

  4. Proud Progressive says:

    I read it but I dont get it, what does it say about what is going on in WI? the tea party people only care about getting a republican elected, they dont even know why. The republicans only like ron johnson because he is rich and they think he can buy a seat.

    At the Madison Tea party someone had a sign that had feingold in a circle with a cross through it. On the same sign it said No to NAFTA, CAFTA, GATT and WTO, Bring back our jobs. Yet Feingold voted against all of them, and im sure he is a huge supporter of paul ryan who cant support enough “free” trade agreements.

    So thats what i took from the politico story…..what did you take?

    • Huh? says:

      Sorry, my bad. I should have finished my train of thought and clarified better. I posted the link in response to your point on the fringe TEA in WI. At times I hear that the TEA movement is not comfortable with Johnson, when in fact there is a very large faction that is.

      Did you go to the Madison TEA Party?

      • Zach W says:

        You mean the Madison Tea Party where Ron Johnson was invited by AFP and Mark Block and NOT by the tea party groups themselves?

        Is that the Madison Tea Party you’re referring to?

  5. Proud Progressive says:

    I wanted to go to the tea party here in madison but couldnt make it that day. I would of loved to see how they responded to tommy thompson, as every single nickel he has ever made in his life has been at government teat! I would also like to have seen scooter jensen running around free t oask him what color prison garb would he look best in….

  6. Urban Pioneer says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much about “Scooter Jensen”. It doesn’t look like there is much progress on his case in Waukesha County, and the Dane County conviction was essentially tossed out by the State Supremes 6-O. Perhaps there is some new info I’m not aware of. But as of May 2010 looks like it’s not in anyone’s interest to bring him to trial. If you want to convict a Republican of just about anything..bring him to trial in Dane County, where all of those “Rational Leftie’s” live!!
    Pure politics, not based on fact or reason. Blanchard has moved on, so should the rest of us.

  7. proud progressive says:

    Urban, do you have a link to a story where rojo took those questions? i would love to know what he stands for besides freedom and leaving BP alone.

    As for scooter, he broke the law the same way chvala did and in my mind they should of both been locked up in the same cell and thrown away the key. Yet scooter gets to roam free and keep his dirty hands in govt… sickens me.

    • Locke says:

      As for scooter, he broke the law the same way chvala did and in my mind they should of both been locked up in the same cell and thrown away the key. Yet scooter gets to roam free and keep his dirty hands in govt… sickens me.

      Some of the laws they broke were the same. The politicking on government time & with taxpayer resources was bad should have ended their political careers – I could go either way on jail time. But Chvala also engaged in pay for play – he took bribes. That’s much worse – it’s not simply dirty or pushing limits, it’s just plain criminal.

  8. Urban Pioneer says:

    No I don’t know if a story was written. I attended the event with about 40-50 or so people. Kenosha News may have reported on it. There was someone who did an interview afterwards but I don’t recall who it was.

    Wait here it is:

    As for Chvala and Jensen, Ladwig and Foti I think it was all a witch hunt by Blanchard to have some “Scalps” on his hip to forward his own career. Much like Mssr. Elliot in New York. Jensen at least had the Balls to keep fighting the charges, and will probably never serve a day.

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