While some in the Cheddarsphere have reported incumbent Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner will not have a Democratic opponent this fall due to the Democratic candidate, Todd Kolosso, having failed to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot, I’ve confirmed that Kolosso will in fact be on the ballot in the 5th Congressional District as Rep. Sensenbrenner’s Democratic opponent this fall.

While it initially appeared Kolosso had failed to gather enough signatures to get on the ballot, having collected only 984 valid signatures (1,000 are required to get on the ballot), a source inside Kolosso’ campaign confirmed the campaign had a number of signatures thrown out on the preliminary review, but that the campaign has submitted the affidavits of correction necessary to give Kolosso’s campaign well over the 1,000 signatures required by law.

EDIT: According to the GAB website, as of Friday at 4:00 p.m., the Kolosso campaign had submitted 1,118 signatures, more than enough to ensure Kolosso will be on the ballot in the fall.

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14 Responses to Todd Kolosso will be on the ballot for Democrats

  1. Dean says:

    So does that mean a candidate doesn’t really have to submit the necessary signatures on time as long as he can submit affidavits of correction to bring him up to the required number?

  2. 32% of the voters in the 5th district will be happy to hear this

  3. Proud Progressive says:

    it would benefit the State of Wisconsin greatly if Kolosso would get a solid 51%

  4. Alex says:

    Looks like John Heckenlively, on the other hand, may not make it, unless he submitted more corrected signatures between 4 PM and 5 PM.

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  7. […] Zach Wisniewski, at Blogging Blue, noted that Kolosso has submitted enough affidavits of correction to rectify the matter, and will now be on the ballot, going up against James Sensenbrenner. […]

  8. DC Palmer says:

    Now the real work begins. Its time to get Todd Kolosso elected. Please take a moment to visit Todd’s website:


    or find him on Facebook (search on “Todd Kolosso”)

    and volunteer to bring this victory home.

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