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9 Responses to We can’t have you becoming dependent!

  1. kent says:


    Is this all you have? How many years should someone be dependent on the government for their income? Why don’t you look at recent comments from Max Baucus and Diane Feienstein, they seem to think 99 weeks is long enough.

    Also republicans are willing to extend unemployment if the Obama administration will find a way to pay for it but they refuse. Obama would rather play politics, what happened to PAY GO. What a joke!

    • squidknuckle says:

      Democrats have also been pairing the unemployment benefits with other spending like the “Doc Fix” and assistance to state budgets.

      You know, it’s frustrating that the left can incessantly bring up the Bush administration’s spending spree and can now sit there and say they don’t want to pay for unemployment benefits. I’m pretty sure if you asked the American people to choose, they would rather it be paid for.

  2. proud progressive says:

    Well squid you would be wrong….they did ask the American people and they said Extend the unemployment benefits.

    Then we saw with mcconnell and Kyl not wanting to pay for the bush tax cuts to the rich, the pure hypocrisy when they talk about the deficit.

    • forgotmyscreenname says:

      Again, we CAN extend unemployment benefits. Why are Democrats unwilling to reprioritize the federal budget to come up with the funds? What happened to pay-go?

    • squidknuckle says:

      PP, I’m not wrong. If given the choice, you’re telling me you would rather have unemployment benefits be added to the debt rather than paid for? If you say yes, then this really is a case of ideology getting in the way of common sense.

      If you were saving money to buy a new toy, say a TV, but got into a car accident. You need to pay for repairs on your car now. Are you going to use your credit card to pay for the car, or are you going to use the unspent money from the TV to pay for it? Umm, gee, let me think…

    • Huh? says:

      If I hear “tax cuts for the rich” one more time, I may explode. I am not rich and I got a freakin tax cut. 80% of the tax cuts are for people making less than $250K and the Dems don’t want to pay for that either. On the other hand, why you would want to increase taxes on the rich (the JOB CREATORS) right now, is beyond me. Unless you are one of those who truly believes that government spending creates private sector jobs.

      Oh and since I joined the GOP after all these years, does that mean I will automatically become rich? I mean you keep insisting that the GOP is for the rich, so I was not sure how that all works. lol I’m just sayin’…

  3. Kent says:

    Proud progressive,

    Do you have an excuse for not paying for unemployment benefits or not? What about Pay Go? Please try and stick to the point, I don’t want to hear excuses about how horrible the Bush years were?

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