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Jeff Plale and Scott Jensen, sitting in a tree….

Former Republican Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, who once upon a time was convicted of abusing his office for political gain, has resurfaced in Wisconsin politics, and he’s apparently chosen the 7th State Senate District as the focus of his efforts. Earlier this year, Jensen became a senior adviser for government affairs for the American Federation […]

Are Ron Johnson & Charles Murray two peas in a pod on education?

As reported by the Oshkosh Northwestern, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson worked really really hard for over a year to bring controversial author Charles Murray to Oshkosh to speak about education. In his role as chairman of the Oshkosh Partners in Education (PIE) Council, a group of educators and business leaders who meet to […]

I Hope it’s erasable ink!


she writes crib notes on her hand like a senior in high school and still gets it wrong, more like an 8th grader….just think she another rising star in the republican party. Where is Britney Spears when you need her? (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QK1RRrwcbW0)

Congrats Chelsea BUT…….

Something is seriously wrong with our system. When we have very well paid government officials(the president makes $400,000 a year plus expenses, the governor of WI makes $136,000 yearly.) waiting until they get out of office so they can cash in. As Tommy Thompson so succinctly put it “”Everybody knows I was broke when I […]

Rep. Anthony Weiner lambastes Republican opposition to 9/11 fund

Words just can’t do this justice:

Conservatives start criticizing Scott Walker’s campaign

Something tells me this is just the beginning of conservatives airing their discontent with the way Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign has been run: I know that Scott Walker doesn’t want to hear what I’m going to say. I guarantee that it won’t win me any friends within the campaign or RPW, but I don’t much […]

The Scott Walker Failure Files

Visit the Scott Walker Failure Files website for more information on the myriad of ways Scott Walker has failed to do his job as Milwaukee County Executive.