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Sanders campaign hires regional organizers across WI

Found in my emailbox: The campaign of Henry Sanders, Jr., Democratic candidate for Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor, today announced the hires of nine regional field organizers throughout the state. The new staffers will work with local leaders and supporters in their regions to build on the existing statewide support that carried Sanders to a two-to-one victory […]

Just a quick technical note

You may or may not notice (depending on how observant you are) a little “toolbar” at the bottom of your screen when you visit Blogging Blue. That little toolbar is a Meebo bar, and it’s a great way to share the content here on Blogging Blue with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, etc. I’m trying […]

Miscellaneous from the Ron Johnson Factory

Johnson at EAA I had the pleasure of attending the (EAA – Experimental Aircraft Association) in Oshkosh this weekend for the first time. The show was great, but I was a bit surprised that the organizers gave Ron Johnson some airtime, so that he could put in a political plug to a captive audience that really came to see the planes, not hear him talk. If the EAA is giving him airtime, they should do the same for all candidates in the race. Johnson at the DSCC – Meanwhile the DSCC has put together an infographic that includes links to the “greatest” quotes from such luminaries as Sharon Angle, Rand Paul and Ron Johnson. […]

Call and Response – Paul Ryan Speaks, MCM responds

Republican Golden Boy, Paul Ryan, received a great deal of coverage in today’s New York Times article “A Young Republican with a Sweeping Agenda” including being asked questions that for some reason are not showing up in the online edition, but are probably the most insightful on his positions. Given that they aren’t readily apparent in the online article, I’m re-publishing some of them here to show yet again how out of touch Mr. Ryan is from his constituents views and from the majority of Wisconsinites. […]

WI fails to break the Top 10

Gallup has released their latest poll results tracking the most conservative and most liberal states. Based on their polling results, WI did not make it onto either list. The top 10 most conservative states were lead by Wyoming, Mississippi and Utah; while the top 10 most liberal states were led by DC, RI & CT. […]

More trouble in conservative paradise?

Looks like Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake thinks the fix is on in the Republican U.S. Senate primary: Ashley Schultz, campaign manager of the Dave Westlake for U.S. Senate Campaign released the following statement regarding reports that important information is being withheld from the public due to intimidation by party members:

“We have just […]

Ron Johnson & elected Republicans actually support increasing the federal budget deficit!

Nationally, Republicans are trying to portray themselves as deficit hawks concerned about the deficit spending of President Obama and elected Democrats, who are trying to pull the country out of a deep recession. At the same time, those same “deficit hawk” Republicans are calling for an extension of the George W. Bush-era tax cuts that […]

Ron Johnson has really mastered political doublespeak

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson, in a state issued prior to his appearance at a forum addressing aging and disability issues: “Our seniors deserve the peace of mind and certainty that the programs they’ve been planning their retirement around will remain intact and be the safety net they’re meant to be.”

Speaking about Medicare […]