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Watch out…..

Make sure and not get between Paul ryan and a camera the results could be bad, Or ryan and any form of media for that matter. While being exposed as the economic fraud that he is, by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman (as pointed out early by Madcityman) ryan through his standard hissy fit. […]

Thanks, Conservatives!

From folkbum via Cognitive Dissidence.

Neumann touts his debate win, but did he really win?

Found in my email inbox: Mark Neumann won today’s debate with Scott Walker at the Wisconsin State Fair! The debate was aired on radio 620 WTMJ and hosted by Jeff Wagner. It proved three important points, heading into these final weeks before the September 14 primary.

Mark Neumann once again outlined his detailed conservative plan […]

Scott Walker: He’ll say anything!

It’s well-documented that Scott Walker is a consummate political opportunist, flip-flopping on any number of issues during his political lifetime, and the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett has a new ad out highlighting just a few of Walker’s flip-flops: