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Make sure and not get between Paul ryan and a camera the results could be bad, Or ryan and any form of media for that matter. While being exposed as the economic fraud that he is, by Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman (as pointed out early by Madcityman) ryan through his standard hissy fit. In case you forgot the last one( This one is just as good and just as wrong. I do not have the time tonight to point out all of the faults of this poorly written piece(which for some reason the “liberal” media keeps printing everything he says verbatim without fact checking, hmmmmm). Anyway the one thing that stood out to me was one of the comments. I would love to meet this guy!

Granmommie – Aug 07, 2010 8:03 PM

I’m 57, a realtor (aka unemployed), and currently don’t have health insurance. As a 1099, I don’t qualify for unemployment benefits. Even so, I believe Paul Ryan is right. I know there will be sacrifice. I’m willing.

So let me translate, i am 57, basically unemployable and have no health care. I do not qualify for unemployment and according to you I don’t deserve them anyway. I believe Paul Ryan is right, I would love to vote for him but if I get sick before the next election I probably wont make it since I have no way to get adequate care in this country. I would love to look for a job but every single auto job in your district is gone and taken thousands of residual jobs with them. I am willing to sacrifice my life and my health to make sure that the Insurance Industry that has given you half a million dollars can continue to make ungodly profits and keep supporting you. Keep up the great work the top 1% need you! Now I’m off to watch Hannity…

Neumann touts his debate win, but did he really win?

Found in my email inbox:

Mark Neumann won today’s debate with Scott Walker at the Wisconsin State Fair! The debate was aired on radio 620 WTMJ and hosted by Jeff Wagner. It proved three important points, heading into these final weeks before the September 14 primary.

  1. Mark Neumann once again outlined his detailed conservative plan for Wisconsin. Mark has a record as a principled conservative leader and has a plan to cut government spending by over $2 billion and reduce taxes by 24% over eight years to create 300,000 jobs. But, Mark’s plan goes further and ends the good old boy system with ideas like term limits to get rid of the career politicians. His plan will bring us back to Constitutional government. Mark has fought against ObamaCare – delivering over 25,000 anti-ObamaCare petitions to Governor Doyle – and has always been in favor of Arizona’s immigration law. Mark is also opposed to Doyle’s stimulus train and will immediately stop this project dead in its tracks.
  2. Mark shined because we need someone who’s run a business for 26 years – not another career politician. His answers were direct, detailed, and avoided the sloganeering that’s become so common place from career politicians. Mark Neumann has consistently provided detailed plans and real solutions to the problems Wisconsin faces, while career politicians spout all the same old cliches and rhetoric.
    • Mark has a plan to cut government spending by $2 billion
    • Mark has a plan to bring 300,000 jobs to Wisconsin
    • Mark has a plan for the largest tax cut in Wisconsin history
    • Mark has a plan to make Wisconsin children the best-educated in the world
  3. Mark has pledged to be the most open and accessible governor in Wisconsin’s history – and it showed in this debate and throughout the campaign. Career politicians have made a mess of government in part because they’re too often inaccessible and walled from public opinion. Debates – regardless of who you support – are a good thing because it gives the people an opportunity to hear out both candidates and make their own decision.

    That’s why Mark has conducted 16 town halls across Wisconsin and will continue holding them throughout the campaign. That’s why Mark reads and responds to his 54,000 Facebook Fans—the most of any Republican candidate for Governor in the country – to stay accessible to the people. Both candidates are good men, and more debates are good for democracy.

Today’s debate win was more exciting news for the campaign! The campaign is heading in to the final weeks and is poised to win, come November. So join us, and let’s take back Wisconsin.

Chip Englander
Campaign Manager
Mark Neumann for Governor

I haven’t had an opportunity to hear the debate between Mark Neumann and Scott Walker, but I’d love to hear the opinions of those who have. Who really won yesterday’s debate, Scott Walker or Mark Neumann?

Scott Walker: He’ll say anything!

It’s well-documented that Scott Walker is a consummate political opportunist, flip-flopping on any number of issues during his political lifetime, and the campaign of Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett has a new ad out highlighting just a few of Walker’s flip-flops: