I Rest My Case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For months now I have been having fun pointing out the ridiculousness of the “tea” parties. From the fact that the original tea party was to protest a corporate tax cut, to the fact that Big Government millionaires Paul Ryan and Tommy Thompson have been headline speakers, to their beginning of funding and organizing by Dick Koch(the 7th richest man in the country) and Dick Armey, to the free PR campaign that Fox has given them to the racism and hatred that is ever present at the events, to the fact that after 30 years, they finally cared about government debt on January 20th 2008, to its love of “Joe the Plumber” who is not named Joe and is not a plumber, and many more examples. This weekend took the cake. There was a “tea” party in Washington County WI. Washington County is the county that unfortunately unleashed the ignorance and tyrannical hand of Glen Grothman on the rest of the state. Saturday August 7th set a new bar.
I will not even get into how horrible an organization Americans for Prosperity and Mark Block are, or how it amazes me that Sam Wurzelbacher’s 15 minutes are not up yet, despite Sam admitting in the last election that Obama’s tax policies would be more beneficial to his own pocketbook than McCain’s. I will not even mention that big brother Glen Grothman keeps trying to add more and more government interference every time he gets inconvenienced. I will not bring up how much stimulus money that Mark Neumann’s businesses have received or the fact that Scott Walker is a career politician. The topic I want to address is someone else who was in attendance. The most ridiculous man in America, Bob Basso. Mr. Basso has become a d-list celebrity by dressing up as Thomas Paine and ranting to the right wing. The problem with this is Thomas Paine was one of the original progressives and makes Bernie Sanders seem right wing! Paine was for the equal treatment of all including minorities and women. The first Republican president, John Adam’s wife was even enthralled with the writings of Paine. When she asked about women becoming part of the American dream, as Paine suggested, he responded “Not you too!” Paine advocated for Social Security, a strong public education system, equal rights for all, was a Deist, and also realized the problems that can come when you have a huge disparity between rich and poor. Some interesting quotes of my favorite founder:
“My country is the world, and my religion is to do good. “ Thomas Paine
“One good schoolmaster is of more use than a hundred priests. “ Thomas Paine
“I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.” Thomas Paine
Finally to Bob Basso and the rest of the “tea” persons, I will leave you with what the real Thomas Paine would probably say after observing your little get together in Washington County :
“When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon. “ Thomas Paine.

Feingold’s ad used a made up name….so what???

Cue up the right-wing outrage brigade, this time in the form of right-wing squawker Charlie Sykes, thinks it’s newsworthy that Sen. Feingold used a fictional name in his most recent TV ad. However, as Jay Bullock notes over at his place, perhaps Sen. Feingold’s campaign used a made up name in the ad because of possible backlash any real person may get from some on the right:

Consider: How do we even know it’s a fake name? Because as soon as the ad appeared, the right-wing smear machine flew into action to see if they could find this “Elizabeth M. Ackland.” Google searches, Lexus-Nexus searches–Charlie Sykes even went so far as to search cemeteries. This is not just a casual “I wonder who that is” curiosity. This is obsession. So if you want to believe that the motives of people like Charlie Sykes in digging obsessively for information about Ackland were entirely pure, be my guest. But you have to ask yourself: Why were the right wingers so hell-bent on finding Ackland, if she were real? Of what possible use to them would the information be about where she worked? Where she lived? Where her children went to school?

Yeah, scary. When you consider the way that the Charlie Sykes stormtroopers (not a Nazi thing–they embrace that for themselves) treat the personal and professional lives of those of us who are real and do attach our real names to what we do and our support for candidates, it would have been irresponsible for Feingold to subject an innocent person and her family to the hell that was sure to follow.

While some on the right – including Fred Dooley – have tried to dismiss Jay’s argument as being pure fantasy, the fact is some on the right have demonstrated they’re not unwilling to delve into the personal lives of individuals whose names are used by Democratic candidates or elected officials, as demonstrated by the treatment of Graeme Frost and his family after Frost’s name was used in a Democratic Weekly radio address back in 2007. What’s more, I can personally attest to the lengths some on the right are willing to go to delve into someone’s background in order to try and tear that person down, so I think Sen. Feingold’s campaign did the right thing in using a fictional name.

But since we’re on the subject of outrage over the content of political ads, where was the right-wing outrage brigade back in 2008, when Scott Walker, running for yet another term as Milwaukee County Executive, used paid actors in a TV ad, despite his campaign’s assertion that the ad used all “real voters.”

EDIT: Grummps from The Happy Circumstance astutely notes a perfect example of the right suggesting someone “visit” a real person who was used during the 2008 presidential campaign, in the form of a commenter at Badger Blogger.

Westlake subject of lawsuit

As was first pointed out by an astute reader, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake is the subject of a recently filed lawsuit in Jefferson County Circuit Court. Westlake and his business, High IQ LLC, are being sued by Fawaad Kahn of Streamwood, Illinois. When reached for comment on the suit, Westlake indicated my email was the first he was hearing of the suit, but I’m sure more information will be forthcoming about the nature of the suit.

It will be interesting to see what – if any – impact this has on Westlake’s U.S. Senate campaign.

EDIT: Dave Umhoefer of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more details about the lawsuit against Westlake.

Boies Nails Perkins of FRC to the Wall on Face the Nation

David Boies nails “pretty boy” Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council on Face the Nation about the recent court decision on Proposition 8. Somehow Tony Perkins needs to heed the name of his organization “Research” and conduct scientific research to prove how gays and lesbians getting married harm children or harm heterosexual marriages – something he and his ilk on the far right have failed to do over and over again. Just think of George Rekers and his bag handling Rent Boy to understand the type of research that these charlatans on the right are capable of when it comes to understanding the social dynamics of gay and lesbian marriages.

As the recent movie with Julianne Moore and Annette Bening, about two lesbian mothers, states “The Kids are All Right”. As countless married couples, both straight and gay co-existing without the collapse of Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Spain, Portugal, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and more recently Argentina have proven; gay and lesbian marriages are all right too.

Waste my hate

Since it appears that Republican Congressman Peter King cant fit two hate filled thoughts in his head at once, he is urging his fellow republicans to ignore the overturning of prop 8 in CA during this election cycle.

In this politico piece (http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0810/40776_Page2.html#ixzz0vvztZaqg), was this rather telling quote by the congressman (http://www.balloon-juice.com/2010/08/07/a-blunt-admission/)

King, the Long Island congressman, said that in terms of social issues, the raging controversy over the Arizona border laws is providing more than enough ammunition for Republicans in key districts.

“The Arizona immigration law is there, there’s no reason to be raising an issue of gay rights” as a wedge, he said.

He lays his hatred and fear mongering strategy for the next election out there for all to see. Being from a state where we have Paul Ryan who has a strong aversion to the truth it is kind of refreshing.

By the way, Congressman King has a history of laying the republican election strategy on the line.

Congressman Peter King moment of truth!

PS: just a song selection for the Repubs election season —

waste my hate