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Charlie Rangel takes to the House floor

Yeah, this is precisely what Democrats didn’t want to see happen leading up to the November elections:


Larson announces more endorsements and two debates

According to an email I received from the campaign of Chris Larson, the Milwaukee County Supervisor who’s hoping to unseat incumbent State Senator Jeff Plale in September’s Democratic primary, Larson has received the endorsements of both the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff’s Association and AFSCME. In announcing Larson’s endorsement by the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Roy Felber, […]

Paul Ryan: progressivism is a cancer

Found in my email inbox: Progressivism is a “cancer” in America: so says Glenn Beck, and so agrees Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin. Ryan says his goal is to “indict the entire vision of progressivism” which he says is “a complete affront of the whole idea of this country.”

He says he wants […]

Walker’s “bipartisan” waste commission a farce

According to a press release issued yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker wants to create a “bipartisan” fraud, waste, and abuse commission to identify savings within Wisconsin state government: Walker’s proposal calls for a bipartisan, joint-governmental commission to identify waste, fraud, and abuse in state spending programs and recommend solutions. The 7-person commission will be […]

John Boehner just doesn’t have the answer!

Watch as Republican Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) avoids answering how Congressional Republicans can support cutting the deficit while also supporting extending the Bush tax cuts, which will only add to the federal budget deficit: I’d love to hear someone explain how exactly extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy won’t add to the […]