Larson announces more endorsements and two debates

According to an email I received from the campaign of Chris Larson, the Milwaukee County Supervisor who’s hoping to unseat incumbent State Senator Jeff Plale in September’s Democratic primary, Larson has received the endorsements of both the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff’s Association and AFSCME. In announcing Larson’s endorsement by the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriff’s Association, Roy Felber, the president of the MDSA said, “Supervisor Chris Larson is a strong advocate for law enforcement professionals. As a State Senator, he will fight to make sure we have the tools we need to keep the citizens of Milwaukee County safe. We are proud to endorse his campaign.”

While the news of two more big endorsements for Larson’s candidacy is certainly exciting, what’s more exciting is the news that Larson and Sen. Plale will have two debates this week:

The first debate is Tuesday evening (August 10th) at 7pm, hosted by 3DNA, at the Miramar Theatre, 2840 N. Oakland Ave. – just south of Locust.

The second debate, sponsored by The Holler Park Neighborhood Association in partnership with The Garden District Neighborhood Association is this Wednesday, August 12th, 6:30PM at the Holler Park Lodge building, 5151 S. 6th Street.

Hopefully the two debates scheduled for this week will be well-attended, because the voters of the 7th State Senate District who do attend the debates will no doubt leave with a far better understanding of which of the two candidates really has the best interests of the citizens of the 7th SD at heart.

Paul Ryan: progressivism is a cancer

Found in my email inbox:

Progressivism is a “cancer” in America: so says Glenn Beck, and so agrees Rep. Paul Ryan, a Republican from Wisconsin. Ryan says his goal is to “indict the entire vision of progressivism” which he says is “a complete affront of the whole idea of this country.”

He says he wants to “flush out progressives” and that he knows about them because he grew up in Janesville, WI, “just 35 miles from Madison,” as if progressivism is, and has been, some secret cult that he’s now revealing to us and from which he must save us. He’s on this (ahem) courageous mission “so people can actually see what this ideology means” and “how it attacks the American idea.” Just how un-American is it? Ryan tells us that “this stuff came from the German intellectuals to Madison” and that the “Austrians” were its “founders.”

In a speech he gave last January, Ryan said

….there was the Wisconsin Deal. In my home state, the University of Wisconsin was an early hotbed of progressivism, whose goal was to reorder society along lines other than those of the Constitution.

Go read the rest for yourself.

Walker’s “bipartisan” waste commission a farce

According to a press release issued yesterday, Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker wants to create a “bipartisan” fraud, waste, and abuse commission to identify savings within Wisconsin state government:

Walker’s proposal calls for a bipartisan, joint-governmental commission to identify waste, fraud, and abuse in state spending programs and recommend solutions. The 7-person commission will be comprised of a private sector chairman, an at-large private sector member, and the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Administration – all appointed by the governor. There will also be one Republican and one Democrat from each house of the legislature appointed by the respective party leader in each house.

Putting aside the fact that Walker’s commission is bipartisan in name only – with only two Democrats and five Republicans on the commission, it’s bound to do the bidding of Scott Walker – there’s also the fact that Scott Walker hasn’t actually provided any information to back up his claim that the commission will save Wisconsin taxpayers $300 million per year.

It’s no secret Scott Walker likes to throw out big numbers to impress voters without actually backing those numbers up with facts; after all, who can forget his claim he’d save taxpayers $284 million a year by cutting state employee positions that are already vacant – and therefore are not drawing funding from the state? The fact is, Scott Walker’s waste, fraud, and abuse commission is a farce, as are any claims he makes about how much money he’ll save taxpayers if he’s elected. Until Scott Walker can actually start backing up his savings claims with solid, concrete proposals (and not just rhetoric) he doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.

John Boehner just doesn’t have the answer!

Watch as Republican Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) avoids answering how Congressional Republicans can support cutting the deficit while also supporting extending the Bush tax cuts, which will only add to the federal budget deficit:

I’d love to hear someone explain how exactly extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy won’t add to the federal budget deficit, thus flying in the face of the argument that Congressional Republicans are really the fiscal hawks they want voters to believe they are.