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A recap of the Plale/Larson debate

Having had a day to fully digest Tuesday night’s debate between State Sen. Jeff Plale and Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, who happens to be challenging Sen. Plale for the right to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for the seat in the 7th Senate District, one thing is abundantly clear: there was no clear winner. […]

Three Cheers For The Teachers!!!

Tomorrow I register my kids for the upcoming school year(already). I so rarely read the daily Kos, that I do not know how I even stumbled upon this gem but I did and wanted to share it. I think everyone should thank a teacher this year as they have one of the toughest most underpaid […]

Drinking Liberally – next week!

From my email inbox today comes news of the next meeting of Drinking Liberally: My dear and only friend,

I was talking with me droog the post-corrective advisor after our last round at the milkbar, and he says something I thought was real horrorshow: “Want to have Dave Westlake come here again?” After a sip […]

It’s time to send Sheriff Clarke packing!

Reason number 1,987,221 why Milwaukee County voters need to send Sheriff David Clarke packing this year… On the day after the deadly accident at O’Donnell Park’s parking garage, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. took the unusual step of carving out a couple of hours to provide counseling to a staffer.

At least that’s […]

A few thoughts on the Plale/Larson debate

State Senator Jeff Plale and his opponent in the Democratic primary, Milwaukee County Supervisor Chris Larson, had a debate last night. I’ve got a lot of thoughts to share about the debate, but not nearly enough time to get them all gussied up, so here’s just a few quick thoughts:

There was no clear winner […]

Feingold campaign releases new radio ad

Senator Russ Feingold’s campaign released its latest radio ad, titled “Stuff,” yesterday. The ad features a lifelong Wisconsin hunter and gun owner (and who happens to be an actual real person!) talking about Sen. Feingold’s strong record in support of Second Amendment rights and freedoms. In addition to talking about Sen. Feingold’s strong record in […]

Tim John challenges Tom Barrett to debate

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim John, the underdog in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, wants to debate Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, and despite repeated calls for a debate by John, Barrett’s campaign has been silent, prompting John to send out an email to supporters including this challenge: While my complaints are many, they don’t matter. What matters […]