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Another Promise kept, another bush mess cleaned up…

This afternoon marked the official end of the Iraq war as the last U.S. brigade combat team has left Iraq! While there are still 56000 troops US troops in the country it is no longer the debacle that Bush led us into. We will also be paying for this war of choice for many years […]

Unfair and Unbalanced….

The “Fox news” network of such miscreants as Glenn beck and Bill O has now donated $1 Million to the Republican Governors Association. In another surprise, “fox news” has failed to mention the donation. While I am sure it is just an oversight, another possible explanation is they do not have permission yet they do […]

Target Continues to Feel the Heat, Best Buy gets singed too

Target’s misguided $150,000 donation to MN Forward to be used in campaigning by anti-gay, anti-immigrant GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Emmer continues to generate heat for the corporation. With Target refusing to donate an equal amount to pro-gay candidates, the heat is on this signature corporation’s “Citizen’s United” enabled political donation. From flash mobs protesting “Tar jay” to the Human Rights Campaign committing to provide $150,000 to more progressive Minnesota gubernatorial candidates to Moveon calling for a boycott of Target, the company is now facing the impact of its political gamesmanship not only in Minnesota but elsewhere in the country. […]

Reminder: Drinking Liberally tonight!

Just a friendly reminder that tonight’s the night to get together for some Drinking Liberally: Hi folks! Just a quick reminder that we’ll be having Democratic candidates for governor and lt. governor, Tim John and Tom Nelson, *and* Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake at tomorrow’s Drinking Liberally!

Plus, we’re about a month away from […]

21st Assembly District news & notes

Last week Tom Michalski, the Democrat running against Republican State Rep. Mark Honadel in the 21st Assembly District, received the endorsement of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund: “Tom Michalski is committed to protecting the Great Lakes and making Wisconsin cleaner and stronger by promoting clean energy,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin […]

Jill Bader’s explanation debunked, courtesy of the illusory tenant

On Monday I noted the controversy surrounding a racially-tinged tweet made by Jill Bader, the communications director for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, and while Bader apologized and chalked the incident up to a case of her mistakenly re-tweeting the wrong link, the illustrious illusory tenant completely and thoroughly debunks Bader’s apology […]

Ron Johnson’s explanation for global warming: sunspots!

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson, who’s not a believer in all that man-made global warming mumbo jumbo, has a simple explanation for the extreme weather linked to global warming: sunspots! A global warming skeptic, Johnson said extreme weather phenomena were better explained by sunspots than an overload of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as […]