Target Continues to Feel the Heat, Best Buy gets singed too

Target’s misguided $150,000 donation to MN Forward to be used in campaigning by anti-gay, anti-immigrant GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Emmer continues to generate heat for the corporation. With Target refusing to donate an equal amount to pro-gay candidates, the heat is on this signature corporation’s “Citizen’s United” enabled political donation.  From flash mobs protesting “Tar jay” to the Human Rights Campaign committing to provide $150,000 to more progressive Minnesota gubernatorial candidates to Moveon calling for a boycott of Target, the company is now facing the impact of its political gamesmanship not only in Minnesota but elsewhere in the country.

Here are a couple of videos protesting Target. The first is from

The 2nd is a flash mob protesting via song within a Target store:

While Target was the big fish generating protests, with their donation of $150,000 in Minnesota, it should be noted that they were not alone given the $100,000 that MN-based Best Buy gave to the same “pro-business” anti-consumer, anti-gay, anti-immigrant MN Forward organization.

Reminder: Drinking Liberally tonight!

Just a friendly reminder that tonight’s the night to get together for some Drinking Liberally:

Hi folks! Just a quick reminder that we’ll be having Democratic candidates for governor and lt. governor, Tim John and Tom Nelson, *and* Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dave Westlake at tomorrow’s Drinking Liberally!

Plus, we’re about a month away from the September primary. It’s a pretty important one for the south side and east side of Milwaukee. Not to mention the Republicans will choose between Westlake or Johnson and Walker or Neumann, among others. And my dad, who’s up from Texas (East Texas) will have to decide between the 60+ quality beers they have at Sugar Maple. Yowza!

It’s a big deal. Hopefully we’ll get to have one last beer before hitting the streets for the primary, and then the big election in November.

As usual, Drinking Liberally Milwaukee meets on the third Wednesday of the month (the 18th) at Sugar Maple, 441 E. Lincoln Ave. We’re just inside the front door. See you there!

Jason and the Milwaukee DL crew

Tonight should be interesting…to say the least!

21st Assembly District news & notes

Last week Tom Michalski, the Democrat running against Republican State Rep. Mark Honadel in the 21st Assembly District, received the endorsement of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund:

“Tom Michalski is committed to protecting the Great Lakes and making Wisconsin cleaner and stronger by promoting clean energy,” said Gary Goyke, board chair of the Clean Wisconsin Action Fund. “On the heels of a legislative session when much environmental legislation was dismissed, Michalski’s commitment to environmental issues would be a welcome addition to the Wisconsin State Assembly.”

Running to represent a district nestled on the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, Michalski recognizes the need to restore and protect the Great Lakes. As President of the Oak Creek Common Council, Michalski worked to clean up the area’s lakefront and rivers.

“Wisconsin’s Great Lakes are one of the state’s most valuable resources, and we need strong leaders like Tom Michalski who will work to protect these treasures for future generations,” said Goyke.

Michalski also understands the vital economic and environmental importance of promoting clean, renewable energy in Wisconsin. As a Director on the Milwaukee Area Technical College, he supported the Photovoltaic Educational Farm – the state’s largest solar power project. In addition to creating clean energy, the MATC project teaches students how to build , install and repair solar systems and helps Wisconsin workers transition into a clean energy economy.

“Tom Michalski sees that clean, renewable energy will create jobs and make Wisconsin more energy independent,” said Goyke. “A vote for Tom Michalski is a vote to protect Lake Michigan, create clean energy jobs and clean our environment.”

In other news, Michalski announced via Facebook he knocked on door number 6,175 yesterday, which is pretty impressive given the fact that he had knocked on roughly 5,200 doors as of last week.

Jill Bader’s explanation debunked, courtesy of the illusory tenant

On Monday I noted the controversy surrounding a racially-tinged tweet made by Jill Bader, the communications director for the campaign of Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Walker, and while Bader apologized and chalked the incident up to a case of her mistakenly re-tweeting the wrong link, the illustrious illusory tenant completely and thoroughly debunks Bader’s apology and explanation:

So Jill Bader, the communications director for the leading Republican candidate for Wisconsin governor (that’s Scott Walker’s hashmarked official slogan, “believeinwi”) actually expects you to believe that she doesn’t know the difference between a blog post and a comment to a blog post. That alone strains credulity. As anyone who has spent more than five minutes on the internets clearly understands, the disparity in intellectual quality between blog post writing and blog commenting often, uh, varies widely. We all know the difference.

Then Jill Bader further expects you to believe she thought that a URL containing the hypertext protocol was in fact a link to a blog post at http://hotair. I don’t know which you’re supposed to swallow: either of those ridiculous expectations, or the fact that she’s the communications director for an actual gubernatorial candidate.

Finally Jill Bader — the professional communications director — expects you to believe she’s basically just reposting links to various internets locations without checking what those links lead to. And as for “Ha!” and “Ha!” again, there’s nothing particularly funny about the HotAir blog post Bader claims she thought she was linking to.

Quite plainly, Jill Bader’s ramshackle apologetics are preposterous.

Ron Johnson’s explanation for global warming: sunspots!

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson, who’s not a believer in all that man-made global warming mumbo jumbo, has a simple explanation for the extreme weather linked to global warming: sunspots!

A global warming skeptic, Johnson said extreme weather phenomena were better explained by sunspots than an overload of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, as many scientists believe.

“I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change,” Johnson said. “It’s not proven by any stretch of the imagination.”

Johnson, in an interview last month, described believers in manmade causes of climate change as “crazy” and the theory as “lunacy.”

“It’s far more likely that it’s just sunspot activity or just something in the geologic eons of time,” he said.

Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere “gets sucked down by trees and helps the trees grow,” said Johnson.

Average Earth temperatures were relatively warm during the Middle Ages, Johnson said, and “it’s not like there were tons of cars on the road.”

Ron Johnson’s “sunspots are the cause of global warming” statement reminds me of the time former Republican Senate candidate Terrence Wall said the earth’s climate has been changing for billions of years, only to turn around and say 45 minutes later that the Earth was only thousands of years old.

Next we can expect to hear Ron Johnson explain how dinosaurs and men roamed the Earth at the same time, just like in all those episodes of The Flintstones we all watched as kids.