Neumann competing in beer stein holding competition tonight

This has absolutely nothing to do with the 2010 gubernatorial election, but I thought it was funny and worth mentioning. As reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mark Neumann will compete in a German beer stein holding contest called Masskrugstemmen tonight at the Old German Beer Hall. Neumann who won a local beer stein holding contest earlier this year, and if he wins tonight’s regional competition he’ll move on to the final competition in New York City.

Here’s some video of Neumann’s winning effort in the local beer stein holding competition:

More on Ron Johnson & sunspots

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson has garnered some national attention – albeit not necessarily positive – for his claim that sunspots are the cause of global warming:

My favorite has to be the anchor practically bursting into the laughter at the end of the clip.

And speaking of Ron Johnson’s theory that sunspots cause global warming, the Democratic Party of Wisconsin has a new ad out highlighting the craziness that is Ron Johnson’s theory:

The phenomenon that is Ron Johnson’s sunspots explanation for global warming has also caught on in the Twitterverse, with the #blamesunspots hashtag being used to explain a variety of unusual situations.


The state Department of Transportation has dropped plans for a high-speed rail station in Oconomowoc, claiming city officials said they didn’t want one. City Administrator Diane Gard and Mayor James Daley said, they have no idea why state DOT officials believe Oconomowoc was not interested in a station.

Kudos to the Brew City Brawler, for this catch:

In June 2009, the council unanimously passed a resolution giving initial support for a rail station, but since that time, Mayor Jim Daley has ousted former Mayor Maury Sullivan and two new aldermen have been elected.

Sullivan had said he wanted Oconomowoc to have a stop on the rail if the federal program was going to be initiated. Part of Daley’s campaign platform was his opposition to a high-speed rail station in Oconomowoc, and he maintained his opposition in an Aug. 4 interview.

many people living in cities, villages, towns, etc… do not understand how their local governments quality or incompetence can effect their daily lives. This will be a great case study in future years if we see the places with the train stops thrive and the businesses in Oconomowoc slowly dwindle. At least they can say they remained true to their conservative roots….

Fox News’ parent company donates $1 million to Republicans

Yep, Fox News is definitely “fair and balanced”

Like any other companies, media companies have long dabbled in giving money to politicians in an effort to curry favor or protect their bottom lines. But News Corp.’s $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association isn’t business as usual – in either size or style.


Political analysts said it was highly unusual for the company not to make a comparable contribution to Democrats, in the way most corporate givers (including News Corp.) usually give – both to hedge their bets and to maintain a sense of even-handedness. And the size of the donation, the largest corporate contribution to the RGA this cycle, was eye-opening for a media company.

Just imagine the outrage we’d hear from the folks in the right wing outrage brigade if a company like NBC gave $1 million to the Democrats. No doubt the right would be up in arms if NBC donated $1 million to Democrats, but curiously they’re perfectly okay with Rupert Murdoch lining the GOP’s pockets with a nice big donation.