Thank you Mr. President

As the Economist(hardly the liberal media) recently pointed out, an apology is due to President Obama on his bailout of GM. They even point out that there is a chance that, when we spin the stock that we own, we might even make a profit.

The lesson for American voters is that their president, for all his flaws, has no desire to own the commanding heights of industry. A gambler, yes. An interventionist, yes. A socialist, no.

The fact that GM is turning a profit again and has a good outlook has to really upset Congressmen Ryan and Sensenbrenner.

Don’t expect much from me…

Due to the aftereffects of a t-bone car accident earlier today, I won’t be blogging much in the next few days.

Hopefully Ed, PP, and MadCityMan can keep you entertained.

Roger Roth breaking it down…

One of the many republicans in the 8th Cong district, running for the opportunity to lose to Dr. Steve Kagen, recently gave a speech to a kindergarten class and broke it down for everyone in the room to understand.

He elightened the room with one of the best descriptions ever. “The Constitution is a document with a lot of words on it”.

He is also a sound supporter of torture

the water is fine!

With a firm grasp of the world like this, no wonder the republicans are counting on winning back both houses.

I will take my regulations over easy!!

Every day there is a different case study in terms of what our world looks like under republican rule. The latest case greets us at the breakfast table with 550,000,00 eggs being recalled and almost 2000 people sick, , then we find out that the culprit is an habitual offender out of Iowa.

I think since our activist SCOTUS, likes to treat corporations as people, then it is time to implement the corporate death penalty. When corporations know that when they get caught breaking the law, they will get just a slap on the hand, it becomes a cost of doing business. There needs to be a more dire punishment.

Also I believe the next time our right wing friends say we have too much regulation and that we need less government, I suggest that they sit down and have a nice big plate of eggs, over-easy!!

ROJO strokes again!!!

I figured I had to post this quick, before Reince Priebus tells us what republican senate hopeful Ron Johnson really means.

Ron Johnson recently enlightened us that global warming is caused by sunspots. Now he is back with more Wisdom for the kids:

“There’s a reason Greenland was called Greenland,” Republican candidate Ron Johnson said. “It was actually green at one point in time. And it’s been, since, it’s a whole lot whiter now.”

Its not easy being green…

Stay tuned this week as ROJO tells us more interesting world trivia:

Afghanistan is known for their world class Afghans.

Hungary because of a shortage of food at one time.

Turkey is well known for supplying the bird we love to eat on Thanksgiving!

Stay tuned for this and many more…

Dan Sebring’s still no fan of paying taxes

Back in 2009, I noted that Republican House candidate Dan Sebring, who’s seeking to unseat Rep. Gwen Moore in the Fourth Congressional District, had problems paying his taxes back in 2000, and it appears Sebring’s aversion to paying his taxes in a timely manner have resurfaced. As was first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Sebring had two tax warrants filed against him earlier this year totaling $2,023.68 and $2,216.04, respectively.

As I’ve noted elsewhere, if Dan Sebring can’t keep his own financial house in order, how can anyone expect he’ll get the federal government’s house in order if he’s elected to the U.S. House of Representatives?

Ron Johnson: not a fan of the First Amendment (or the Fourth or Sixth)

Speaking to the editorial board of the Racine Journal Times on Friday, Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson made it abundantly clear he’s no fan of the First Amendment when it comes to freedom of religion, noting it would be “incredibly unfortunate” if a mosque was built in New York City blocks away from Ground Zero. Not content simply to call the decision “incredibly unfortunate,” Johnson went on to add:

“Those folks are trying to poke a stick in our eye,” Johnson said. “I just hope the zoning officials and the city, the state revisit that, rezone that piece of property.”

Rezoning a piece of land in order to prevent a religious group from being able to utilize the site for the practice of their religion….sounds a lot like Ron Johnson believes that violating the tenets of the First Amendment is A-Okay! While trying to prevent Muslims from building their community center/mosque near Ground Zero may be a politically popular position to hold at the current time, it’s incredibly dangerous when elected officials – or in this case candidates for elected office – start ignoring parts of our Constitution and Bill of Rights in order to suit their political ambitions.

Then again, considering Ron Johnson also supports the violations of the Fourth and Sixth Amendments that have come in the form of the PATRIOT Act, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that he supports violating the First Amendment as well.