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“Follow the money,” he said…

Remember when right-wing commenter “Steve T.” told me to “follow the money” http://bloggingblue.com/2010/08/13/president-obama-supports-mosque-near-911-site/comment-page-1/#comment-31022>not once, but twice in reference to who was funding the Islamic center near Ground Zero? I remember Steve’s challenges to me quite vividly, and while I didn’t “follow the money,” Jon Stewart did, and something tells me Steve-O isn’t going to like […]

Tim John nails the point on central city unemployment!

I started working on this blog about a week ago and then set it aside when Tim John posted that he was attending Drinking Liberally. I thought Iā€™d talk to him a bit and add any new information before posting. Well he showed up but I got distracted by other conversations. Well after reading Eugene […]

David King: let’s use government resources to promote religion!

Via Milwaukee News Buzz and through the illusory tenant comes this nugget (emphasis mine): [Milwaukee pastor “Apostle” David King] also wants to use [the Wisconsin secretary of state’s office] as a platform for community outreach. The outreach, however, would be done by expanding God Squad. King denied that such a plan would constitute an intrusion […]

Tim John: the other Democratic gubernatorial candidate!

I’ll admit that I don’t typically read Eugene Kane’s column in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, but upon noticing Kane’s most recent column was written about underdog Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim John, I had to give it a read. As Kane notes in his column, John may not have a snowball’s chance in heck of beating […]

Miss Mexico Crowned Miss Universe – Brewer, Gingrich, McCain & Prejean in Shock

Given all the hoopla surrounding their visitor, resident and illegal alien unfriendly laws as evidenced by SB 1070, Jan Brewer, the septuagenerian, immigrant-bashing sweetheart and 22nd Governor of AZ was shocked to learn that the Mexican beauty Jimena Navarrete, from Guadalajara was crowned Queen of the Universe. Jan responded to this nomination of the universe’s queen with her usual chilly charm – Goodness gracious, Mexican’s crossing our border are drug dealers, be-headers and baby makers, so let’s hope that Ms. Universe is able to keep from evidencing any of these characteristics as she visits and resides in America over the next year. While she’s welcome to visit AZ, we expect her to have not only her Universe credentials for display at all border crossings and on demand by our troopers, but also to demonstrate evidence of non-pregnancy considering our desire to limit alien births in AZ. Congratulations Ms. Universe! […]

unfortunately more on the “mosque”…

Recently there was huge discussion on this very blog, and joined in by many of our right wing friends decrying the horror of putting the Mosque up on Ground Zero. As usual, our right wing friends were not being truthful, and we find out that the Mosque isnt a Mosque, but a community center. Then […]

Yea but George Soros…

In the 90’s the republican party could not stand the fact that they no longer had the presidency, so the billionaires of the party(Richard Mellon Scaife), started the Arkansas Project, strictly to discredit Bill Clinton. The whole time, in order to distract from what they were doing, complained about the one liberal billionaire, George Soros. […]