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A Republican state senator and baseball team owner acknowledged Wednesday that a charity controlled by his family had improperly used payments from groups that employ lobbyists to benefit himself and the team.

Sen. Dan Kapanke (R-La Crosse), who is seeking to challenge U.S. Rep. Ron Kind (D-Wis.), said Wednesday that he had made a good-faith effort to follow the law and that he would repay more than $16,000 to the nonprofit foundation

So a “lawmaker” had a hard time following the “laws” and now wants a promotion?

Some stuff you cant make up. Why dont we see if everyone currently in prison would like to say they were sorry and reimburse what they took and then we could let them all out “in good faith”

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I personally think this should eliminate him, but politicians have a hard time ever accepting responsibility.

Ron Johnson: for corporate welfare before he was against it!

Ron does not believe the federal government is capable of picking ‘winners and losers’ and should not remove capital from the private sector to create more government programs and jobs, which are unsustainable.

Ron Johnson for Senate website

But while Ron Johnson’s U.S. Senate website says one thing, back in the 1980’s Ron Johnson was presumably singing a different tune, accepting a $2.5 million government bond issued by the city of Oshkosh – a bond that charged below-market interest rates and that allowed PACUR, Johnson’s company, to expand its facility. So when Ron Johnson may say he has “never lobbied for some special treatment or for a government payment” he’s clearly not telling the whole truth.

So there’s really one important question that needs to be answered: is the real Ron Johnson the Ron Johnson who gladly accepted a government handout to benefit his business – thus making his company a ‘winner,’ or is the real Ron Johnson the Ron Johnson who rails against government picking ‘winners and losers’?

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So about Ron Johnson’s business “success”

Here’s a few concrete, set in stone facts about Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson:

  • Ron Johnson got his start in the plastics business by marrying the daughter of a wealthy plastics manufacturer (Howard Curler).
  • Ron Johnson joined his brother-in-law Pat Curler’s company (PACUR) in the 1970’s.
  • PACUR made it through the early years by having Ron Johnson’s father-in-law’s company (Bemis) as their only client.

Now here’s an interesting note about PACUR, circa 2009: about 70% of PACUR’s business in 2009 came from the Bemis corporation, the same company that was run by Ron Johnson’s father-in-law and then later by his brother-in-law.

While Ron Johnson’s campaign has tried really really hard to convince voters that he’s a self-made business success, the reality is that Ron Johnson’s business success is no doubt in large part thanks to his family connections.

I guess in Ron Johnson’s case it really did pay to marry into money.

Tom Michalski endorsed by Wisconsin AFL-CIO

Earlier this week, Tom Michalski, the Democrat hoping to unseat State Rep. Mark Honadel in the 21st Assembly District, issued a statement accepting the endorsement of the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO:

“I can’t say enough about the quality of support I have received from labor organizations,” Michalski said. “Being endorsed by the State AFL-CIO personally means a lot to me. I was elected Vice President and Plant Stewart of UE Local 1111 for many years over at Allen Bradley. I understand Union issues and was honored to serve my Union. Having the AFL-CIO recognize my service feels great!”