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The “liberal” media…

Recently, to no one’s surprise, Ken Mehlmann, the former Bush-Cheney campaign manager and head of the republican party, came out as gay.

While the story is not that a gay man, helped the bush-cheney campaign run a bigoted anti-gay campaign in order to win election, that story has been played out numerous times. I […]

Second Stimulus…

Today in the NY Times, Laura Tyson, a professor at the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley has her take on why we need a targeted second stimulus. Here are some highlights:

* The conventional wisdom about the stimulus package is wrong: it has not failed. It is working as intended. […]

Time for Obama to step up

I wrote last week, about the brilliant piece by Jane Mayer, explaining how two of the richest men in America are pulling the purse strings and controlling the republican party(and the “tea” party).

Today, one of the best columnists in America, Frank Rich, gives us his take on the Koch Brothers, and ties it […]

Take your turn…

It’s Sunday, so that means it must be time for an open thread.

What’s on your mind today?