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I was thinking the exact same thing!

A lot’s been made elsewhere on the blogosphere about the fact that the website of PACUR, the plastics company owned by Republican U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson was edited to change the company’s history to be more consistent with Ron Johnson’s version of his “life story,” but Annie K. of eau snap! astutely pointed out […]

Wackadoodle do the GOP Tea Party is for You….

New DNC video on the extremism of the GOP Tea Party. Yikes is this what America wants? […]

Henry Sanders makes the case for Best Value Contracting

Yesterday Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Henry Sanders, Jr. released an editorial making the case for the state to implement Best Value Contracting as a means of ensuring Wisconsin’s taxpayers get the most possible bang for their bucks, both in the short term and especially in the long term.

Here’s the text of Sanders’ editorial: Wisconsin […]

Accountability? Not on Scott Walker’s watch!

Under John Chianelli’s watch, problems at the Milwaukee County Mental Health Complex were rampant, finally boiling over when allegations that a violent male patient had sexually assaulted a female patient, resulting in that female patient becoming pregnant, despite the fact that she was supposed to have been getting birth control injections. Last week Wednesday it […]

Why are Wisconsin’s candidates so unwilling to debate?

Here’s something I’ve been wondering about the 2010 statewide races here in Wisconsin:

Why is it that with the exception of the Republican gubernatorial race, in which Scott Walker and Mark Neumann have actually gotten together to debate the issues, none of the other major contested races (Democratic gubernatorial primary, Republican U.S. Senate primary) have […]