Cue the right-wing outrage brigade in 3….2….1….

President Obama threw his support behind a controversial proposal to build an Islamic center and mosque near New York’s ground zero, saying Friday that “Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country.”

“That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances,” Obama said at a White House Iftar dinner celebrating the Islamic holy month of Ramadan.

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69 Responses to President Obama supports mosque near 9/11 site

  1. PKARM says:

    Big deal we all knew he would.

  2. Steve T. says:

    Zack do you support the building of the mosque? I see you dodge ever saying anything about it. Should we just sit back and BE tolerant? Do you not see anything wrong with it? Tell us how you feel!

    • Zach says:

      Steve, do you support the Constitutional protections on freedom of religion? I do.

      As to your question, “Should we just sit back and BE tolerant?” I’d just note that if you don’t want to be tolerant, that’s your decision, but last time I checked, we were a nation founded on the principle of tolerance.

      • forgotmyscreenname says:

        The issue isn’t whether or not there should be a mosque, but the placement of it. You can’t tell me the people building it aren’t doing it as an in-your-face kind of thing. Because if it’s not, then when this controversy arose they would have respected that some people might have been offended and chosen a different location. But they don’t care.

        Yes of course constitutionally they have the right to build anything they want on private property, but doesn’t NYC have zoning laws? Just like other cities I’m sure they can decide what is built and where it is built.

        What if a group of neo-nazis wanted to build an informational center right next to the holocaust musuem? Of course there’s the right to free speech, but most places have ordinaces called ‘disturbing the peace’ and it’s just asking for trouble.

        • forgotmyscreenname says:

          Also, did anyone ask Obama to weigh in on this? Just like the police/professor thing in Boston last year, BHO needs to know when to keep his mouth shut.

          • illustrator5 says:

            So does Boehner, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, McConnell and they just keep yappin BS!

            • forgotmyscreenname says:

              Ever hear of the bully pulpit? A president’s words, like the Federal Reserve chairman, carries a little more weight than media personalities.

        • Zach says:

          Obviously NYC has zoning laws, and apparently the proposed mosque is well within those laws.

          As to your analogy about a group of neo-nazis building an informational center right next to the holocaust museum, we’re not talking about a mosque being built “right next to” the site of the 9/11 attacks; it’s several blocks away as I understand it. If that’s too close by your definition, then what’s far enough away?

          • forgotmyscreenname says:

            Yeah, I’m not sure. Everyone deserves the right to free speech and religion, even when some are offended. It’s like that nutty church group that protests the funerals of fallen soldiers. Yes, they have a right to free speech but it makes me sick that they would do that to those families. I guess I just can’t understand why this Muslim group thinks it’s a good idea to place it where they intend to.

            • illustrator5 says:

              Hey not ALL of the 9/11 families have a problem with this…some that died were muslims…remember that it! People screaming about this should take that into consideration! A mosque could be a memorial to them since they still haven’t built a memorial to those who have died!

        • bofcudahy says:

          The only reason to be offended is bigotry that blames all Muslims. Period.

          It’s common sense if you believe in freedom of religion that this is allowed to be built.

  3. rocknwroll says:

    Thank God the President is standing up for the religion this country was founded on. The religion of Freedom! People need to let go of the past and forgive. If the rights of these people to build this church and worship were they choose is abridged, the goals of the terrorists who perpetrated 911 will have been accomplished in ways they could have only dreamed about in their wildest Nirvana scenario.

    • Pkarm says:

      So you think we should just let go and forget that Islamic terrorist killed 3000+ innocent people all in the name of Alah? Tell you what I have no desire to forget those that died and and I have even less interest in forgiving a group of haters who follow some made up prohpet Mohammad and only use religion for hateful purposes. You libs can have your touchy feely lovefest with these murders, just do expect the majority of America to go along with your “progressive” idealism.

      • Proud Progressive says:

        Does that mean no christian churches in OK, because mcveigh killed in the name of God? Like mcveigh was a loon and not a Christian, these guys were lunatics not muslims.

        • PKARM says:

          It is sad to see so called Americans like you defending a group of people whose only goal is to kill. But that is what we have come to expect from progressives, they all think America is evil and believe it deserves all of they hate it is getting around the world.

        • forgotmyscreenname says:

          I think plenty of Christian churches would disavow McVeigh (although I don’t know that he killed in the name of God, I thought he was just angry at the federal government). But where have mainstream Muslims been critical of the radicals? I saw the ones in the Middle East dancing in the streets and smiling and the ones here were quiet.

    • bofcudahy says:

      Well said.

  4. proud progressive says:

    The “tea” parties, wanting to “take our country back” and stand up for what the founders believed in, should be strong advocates of the president on this one….

  5. rocknwroll says:

    i said “let go” of the past. Holding on to that negative energy that is perpetuating this debate is different that “forgetting” about it. The people who died there are dishonored by the hatred it is generating. There are extremists in every group. Christian extremists have done far more horrific acts and killed to the tenth power what the group of misguided 911 perps did. In other words, “get over yourself”

    • PKARM says:

      Please tell me the last time 19 Christians attacked and kill over 3,000 American people.

      Oh and I love the PC term MISGUIDED these idiots were not misguided the new exactly what they were doing I have no sympathy for the scum.

      • illustrator5 says:

        How about the Crusades? Emperor Alexius asked Pope Urban II for assistance. On 1095-NOV-27, the Pope called on Europeans to go on a crusade to liberate Jerusalem from its Muslim rulers. “The first and second wave of Crusaders murdered, raped and plundered their way up the Rhine and down the Danube as they headed for Jerusalem.” 1 The “army” was primarily composed of untrained peasants with their families, with a core of trained soldiers. On the way to the Middle East, they decided that only one of their goals was to wrest control of Jerusalem from the Muslims. A secondary task was to rid the world of as many non-Christians as possible – both Muslims and Jews. The Crusaders gave the Jews two choices in their slogan: “Christ-killers, embrace the Cross or die!” 12,000 Jews in the Rhine Valley alone were killed as the first Crusade passed through. Some Jewish writers refer to these events as the “first holocaust.” Once the army reached Jerusalem and broke through the city walls, they slaughtered all the inhabitants that they could find (men, women, children, newborns). After locating about 6,000 Jews holed up in the synagogue, they set the building on fire; the Jews were burned alive. The Crusaders found that about 30,000 Muslims had fled to the al Aqsa Mosque. The Muslim were also slaughtered without mercy.

        The Roman Catholic church taught that going to war against the “Infidels” was an act of Christian penance. If a believer was killed during a crusade, he would bypass purgatory, and be taken directly to heaven. By eliminating what might be many millennia of torture in Purgatory, many Christians were strongly motivated to volunteer for the crusades. “After pronouncing a solemn vow, each warrior received a cross from the hands of the pope or his legates, and was thenceforth considered a soldier of the Church.” 3

        These mass killings were repeated during each of the 8 additional crusades until the final, 9th, crusade in 1272 CE. Both Christians and Muslims believed that they were fighting on God’s side against Satan; they believed that if they died on the battlefield they would be given preferential treatment in the Christian Heaven or the Muslim Paradise. Battles were fought with a terrible fierceness and a massive loss of life. Over a 200 year period, perhaps 200,000 people were killed. The Muslim warrior Salah a-Din subsequently recaptured Jerusalem from the Christians.

      • illustrator5 says:

        How about the Civil war? We mass murdered our fellow Americans on both the North and South?

        Over slavery being banned in the new West territories!

    • Steve T. says:

      Let go of the past? The left would have to stop blaming Bush for everything and they cannot do that!

  6. rocknwroll says:

    Misguided in the sense they believe are acting on behalf of God as they know it.
    Have you ever read the old Testament? It is filled with some pretty twisted thinking as far as the slaughter of unbelievers go. ever heard of the crusades? or the inquisition? The list goes on and on but thankfully many of us are evolving out of that kill in the name of God mentality. The fact is we have freedom of religion, not just for those that approve but for everyone. If you don’t like it, move somewhere else and see how free you are to spout off about your ideals.

    • illustrator5 says:

      Just remember the bible has been rewritten by man several times and each has its own twist!

      Mary Magalene is always portrayed as a whore and what proof is there of that? Why weren’t there any apostles that were women? You wonder what the very first version sad before it was rewritten and edited etc!

  7. Pkarm says:

    You are comparing stories from 2000+ years ago. Islam is currently the only religion that uses violence in attempt to force thier religion upon those who do not follow it.

    • illustrator5 says:

      Is it? As most people know, there are two dominating religions in Ireland, the Catholic Christians and the Protestant Christians. These two religions have torn Ireland apart for centuries.

      During the Irish Rebellion of 1798, we see the shaping of the two sides, the orange and the green. The orange was represented by the Ulster, deriving from King William of Orange’s legacy. The green represented the old tradition. The Ulster was strictly Protestant, where as the old tradition was strictly Catholic. The old tradition held their green flag with a harp until the Easter Rising of 1916.

      They fought and murdered each other for centuries over religion!

  8. Pkarm says:

    oh and rocknwroll thanks for making my point that Islam is a religion of hate because if I did move to a country where that religion is prevelant you are correct they would not tolerate free speech.

  9. Steve T. says:

    Zack does a lot of quoting, but never answers if he supports it! Typical liberal! Answer the question without dodging the answer this time. If you post something, the need to support it and explain it! Freedom of religion and property rights carries no importance to you when inconvenient, eh?

    I don’t understand why Liberals hate Christians, but support those who are outspoken in their hatred toward Jewish variants and treat women as second class.

    Where is the money coming from??? Did you follow it yet Zack? Most likely NOT!

    Sure seems weird to me.. that the atheist, agnostic Liberals are supporting this…

    The builders of this mosque turned down an offer from the Gov. of NY for free property at another location that would have saved them tens of millions of dollars. There is no other logical reason other than they want this mosque at Ground Zero. It is a Victory Mosque, and would be worthless to them is it where not at Ground Zero

    Let’s get a few things straight. The land is being leased and his is not about religion.

    It is about sensitivity and common decency. How about opening it on 9/11/2011! Might as well! Ok with that Zack????

    Zack are you saying you are NOT sensitivity to those that died there?

    To build a Mosque near ground zero would be a slap in the face of the victims and survivors of 911. It would be tantamount to building a statue to the terrorist fringe that attacked our nation on that fateful day. The terriost themselves made that ground hallow by the carnage they left. To me and most other good Americans this is Hallowed ground and should be treated as such. I am ashamed that an American president (that I did not vote for) would endorse such an idea. Hopefully we can right the wrong of electing him as president by making it a one and done affair.

    Funny how I don’t see much Obama supportive posts from you Zack and your fellow bloggers, just attack pieces on those on the right!

    Freedom of Religion is a cornerstone to the foundation of America. This freedom is abused when religious belief is used to commit crimes. The Islamic religion has become a victim of such criminals. The sight of the 911 attack should be set aside as a memorial and excluded from the building of any religious building of any kind. The separation of Church and State is also a very important cornerstone of the foundation of America and the President should avoid becoming involved in any religious controversy. Does he need a place to “pray” when he is in New York? I just can’t put my mind around someone who is suppose to work for the betterment of our country is dividing us and tearing us apart. The Islamic extremists are really no different than organized criminals and will use the building of a mosque at the sight to insight tension in the hopes of creating more chaos and violence. Keeping our cool and reacting strategically is the only hope we have of keeping these criminals from overwhelming the world with chaos through psycho-social manipulation. “Let’s Roll” with cool conviction and precision.

    I have an idea. Lets build a gay strip club next door to the new mosque and see how much tolerance there really is with this group. Are you ok with that Zack??????

    • Zach says:

      Steve, I could care less what they build next door to the mosque, so long as whatever they build is compliant with zoning laws.

      As to the rest of your comments, I’ll just note that you make a lot of assumptions and generalizations. I’m sensitive to those who died in the attacks on 9/11, and I never said I think this is the best possible location for a mosque, but at the same time, I think it’s important to remember that our nation was founded on tolerance and freedom, including the freedom to worship. As to your comment that liberals hate Christians, I know that’s the conservative talking point, but not all liberals hate Christians. I know that’s a difficult concept to wrap your brain around, but it’s the truth.

    • illustrator5 says:

      Liberals don’t hate Christians and you are just a troll on here!

  10. snap-ed says:

    Neo-nazism is NOT a religion;

    So a more apt analogy would be what if a group of Chrisitans went to places they had lead brutal Crusades, What if they established churches there and continued to practice their FOREIGN faith RIGHT in the same towns they had bloodied with the Crusades?

    oh wait. they do.

  11. Steve T. says:

    Zack, your blog and its posts are almost always assumptions and generalizations! Do you want me to go through post by post and show you them since you are blinded by your ignorance? How about that, I could fill up many pages on the RVW to prove the point!

    It’s interesting that Obama picks the ground zero Mosque controversy to rigoursly defend the constitution when he blatantly tramples on it at other times.

    Zack you still didn’t answer the question! You have a tendency to dodge the question and just write around it! Maybe your lefty readers are fine with that since they blindly accept what the Daily Koz tells them to do.

    Do you support the mosque? Don’t give me the mumbo jumbo about laws and rules or some come to Jesus or Allah moment, remember if they can ban the pledge of allegiance in schools, then we can ban a mosque being built. Simple as that.

    Do YOU support it! Plain and simple!

    Should we ban alcohol and BBQ around the area as well?

    Zack, I asked you to follow the money! You seem to like watching for the right to misstep, but you are so blinded because the echo chambers are telling you to support Obama and this. It me ask you to follow the money again.

    Why is the US Government, using Taxpayers money, paying for the Imam trip abroad?? Would they do this for other religions? What happened to the “separation of church and state”? Obama is continuing to turn his back on America. He spends more time on TV then Hugo Chavez. He is a soap opera. I for one am tired of seeing his face looking down his nose at Americans.

    snap-ed when did the Crusades happen? I take it you are an atheist or agnostic, correct?!

    A church is not necessary for anyone to get close to God. Freedom of religion is an individual right to believe in God in your own way, but it does not give anyone the right to build a church where ever they want one. The right to develop land has nothing to do with religion. Developing land has to do with zoning and public safety issues. Since the location of the mosque would create public safety issues stemming from local and nationwide civil unrest, the current location for the mosque must be denied by not only local government, but by our federal government as well, less our government’s constitutional obligation to insure domestic tranquility be violated.

    Clearly, by backing the ground zero mosque, Obama is acknowledging and ratifying the actions of the Radical Muslims who declared war on us and murdered thousands of people at that site. History is full of accounts over thousands of years of invaders who built their sacred temples, churches and mosques on TOP of their victims’ sacred ground. The ground zero mosque is not just insensitive, rather it is a spit in the face, a gloating self-satisfied expression of contempt and conquest by Radical Muslims. They plan to exterminate all of us non-believers. This is not at all about religious freedom of worship; it is about annihilation, subjugation, and tyranny. Obama is bowing to the enemy. Wake up Americans! This just like the Muslims did in Jerusalem. The Muslims built their Masjid Qubbat As-Sakhrah Mosque on top of the Jewish Temple Mount to say We Win, You Lose.. Same as NY. They would put their Mosque on the site of ground zero if we would let them.

    Yes, we have freedom of religion. Many of us also have the sense to not proceed with inflammatory actions, which the building of this Mosque at this site, would be. Those who have planned this Mosque project are purposely sticking their thumb in America’s eye, and they should rethink that and reconsider their choice of location. If they proceed, they should not be surprised if there is some level of retribution. When someone jams their thumb in your eye, it’s unrealistic to think that such an action will be accepted without striking back. Instead, this President says, Let me hold America’s head very tight and very still, so that you can jam your thumb in there, very hard, and very deep. Those wanting to build the Mosque on this site, are mocking America and using against us, the very principles that we stand for. And our President is helping them. It is clear to see that he has chosen sides, and he is not on America’s side

    Obama is not a hero by saying everyone has a right to their religion. No one said they could not practice their religion…..practice away…..but respect other people and their rights, just as Muslims want to be respected. Since Muslims decided to have America as their country, then they can assimilate, practice their religion and not show how disrespectful and un-American they are. Obama was pandering for votes when he spoke to these people, he needs all the help he can get because he is losing ground with anyone who is American. We don’t care the color of his skin, that’s why we elected him. I’m tired of all the racial slurs against white Americans because they want us to be bigots when in fact the accusers are by casting the blame. Obama is not our hero, he is our president, and someone who should stand up for everyone, not just his people, and the ones he panders to for votes.

    • Proud Progressive says:

      In all of my time posting here, this is the most uninformed hate filled post I have seen. Unbelievable that someone could be interested in a subject and so misinformed.

      Let me address a few of your sillier points.

      * President Obama is in the most powerful position in the world. He is on TV often as was george W bush. President Obama does more press conferences because, while he as much room to improve, he is much more transparent then his predecessor and he can actually answer an unscripted question.

      * Developing the Mosque there would ONLY inflame the right wing hate merchants. The vast majority of the country realizes what America stands for and if anyone did some research they would understand what the Muslim faith stands for. As long as we have the right wing echo chamber, there will be a huge uprising against the mOsque and Muslims but just because you are loud doesn’t mean you are plentiful. Even President Bush said this is not about the Muslim faith. So if there is action against ANY Muslim because they eventually build a Mosque there, I hope you are one who gets called in for questioning.

      * Sure a few lunatics plan to exterminate all “non-believers” but so do some American Militias plan on doing the same in America. Does not make them Christians anymore than the terrorist were Muslim.

      * As many of our Founders so aptly pointed out, this is a country for any and all religions. So they have as much right to practice the Muslim Faith here as i do to practice the Catholic Faith. SO in terms of what the Founders believed America is their country too, they didn’t chose America.

      * Is it ok for the Government to shut down Fox news “less our government’s constitutional obligation to insure domestic tranquility be violated.”(ps: I dont think so, but you would be setting precedent).

      * So standing up for the muslims against the right wing echo chamber isnt standing up for everyone? If only he was as all inclusive as his predecessor?

      By the way, As I was skimming your site, i came across this GEM>

      “In ‘Myths, Lies and Downright Stupidity,’ I bet my readers $1,000 that they couldn’t name one thing that government does better than the private sector.

      I have yet to pay.

      Free enterprise does everything better.”

      * Plow my roads, Run water and Sewer, Educate the masses, Inspect your food and drink for safety, test drugs so they actually work and do what they are supposed to with minimal side effects, Police, Fire, Military, Mass Transit, Insure the banks, The Court System and Justice Department, Run electricity, i know you will disagree but Healthcare. Should I go on?

      Now do I get $1000 for every example or $1000 for all of them combined. email me and I will give you my address for the $1000. I would prefer a money order.

    • Ed Heinzelman says:

      Wait a minute…did you just suggest that the federal government should interfere in local zoning?

  12. Steve T. says:

    Zack, you made a comment on another post but WILL NOT answer the “Do YOU support it?”

    I know you don’t want to answer it, because you don’t think it should be built either, but that would make your attack on the right null. Typical Zack! Remember the mass transit/bus talk we had before!

  13. Steve T. says:

    Proud Progressive you are wrong on soooooo many levels.

    “Developing the Mosque there would ONLY inflame the right wing hate merchants. The vast majority of the country realizes what America stands for and if anyone did some research they would understand what the Muslim faith stands for..”

    Though a recent CNN poll shows that 68% of Americans believe the location is disrespectful to those who died in the September 11 attack and do not want the mosque built there.

    I will have to take some time and do a post on the RVW on your points or should I say, lack of points.

    Do you read anything other than the Daily Koz?

    Find me a poll that supports it!

    Still wanting for Zack’s answer. In fact Proud Progressive, you can answer the question as well. Do YOU support it!

    • proud progressive says:

      I personally dont care what they do. I am not a nanny stater, so if they follow all building and zoning codes, I do not think the government then should pick and choose who goes in there, much less some guy from WI. If the locals want to stop it they should petition and change the codes and/or zoning. Some of us call that democracy.

      By the way I thought of another – the prison system. In all seriousness, when can I expect my $1000?

      • proud progressive says:

        O by the way. Do i think its a good idea to build one there? Probably not as it gives the right wing noise machine something to foam at the mouth about. Then I checked this blog and saw that the echo chamber is pissed that the President and First lady are spending time with their kids. So it really doesnt matter if they give the right wing fodder, because as you know, they always find something to fuel their fake outrage!

  14. Zach says:

    Steve, while I support their right to build a mosque, I don’t believe building it two blocks from the site of one of the 9/11 attacks is really the best possible location. Ultimately though, this is an issue for the folks who make those decision in NYC to decide.

  15. PKARM says:

    Steve T I am impressed with your level of tolerance you have for the far left on this blog. You bring excellent points to the discussion and all they can do is song and dance around every issue you raise. I wish you luck in trying to get them to answer your question if they support the Mosque I really have never seen anyone on the left ever answer a direct question as it would paint them into a corner they could never get out.

  16. Zach says:

    I’m with former half-term Alaska governor Sarah Palin, who acknowledges the mosque builders have a right to build near the site of one of the 9/11 attacks, even if it isn’t the best idea in the world:

    “We all know that they have the right to do it, but should they?”

    Probably the first and last time I’ll agree with anything Sarah Palin says.

  17. Steve T. says:

    Ok, so Zack is against the Mosque, but will not directly say so instead p*ssyfoots around it by giving us exactly what I asked him not to (Yes if it is with in the rules and laws). Bottom line is just because they cannot doesn’t mean they should.

    Yes PKARM Zack never clearly states it, funny how he thinks his beating around the bush does. That is because everything in a libs mind isn’t straightforward, but double speek.

    They have the right to build the mosque there, but is it right to build the mosque there? If a Christian organization wanted to build a place of worship at the same spot it would NEVER get approved and there would NEVER be as much as a hint of concern from the Oval Office. If a Christian group wanted to build a church on the site of the Washington monument and they were told no. Does that constitute a violation of the constitution? Of course not.

    Should we have built a Japanese Shinto Shrine (temple/shrine) on Ford Island (site of the bombing of our battleships, for those of you who have forgotten the sacrifices of our grandfathers)? While we are at it… we should tear down the Arizona memorial and replace it with a Shinto Shrine.

    PP, you draw they same conclusion as Zack, but are far too liberal to just come out and clearly say it. You are proud, too proud. You might not know this, but to Christians pride is wrong, but you didn’t answer if I was right about your religious viewpoint, so I must be right. No generalization here, just experience. And you do care or you wouldn’t post a large comment about it!

    PP you didn’t ask for the link on the poll. America is NOT with Obama! You do understand the country is not that liberal as you think, right!
    CNN polls registered* voters on the Ground Zero mosque:

    As you may know, a group of Muslims in the U.S. plan to build a mosque two blocks from the site in New York City where the World Trade Center used to stand. Do you favor or oppose this plan?

    The response:

    Favor 29%
    Oppose 68%
    No opinion 3%

    So, according to the Center for American Progress, two out of every three voters are un-American bigots.

    I can only imagine that voters would be even more opposed to the U.S. government’s funding of the Ground Zero Mosque imam’s Middle East junket.

    Update: 8/13/2010 (5:06 p.m.): In fact, CNN polled “1,009 adult Americans, including 935 registered voters.”

    The ANSWER is NO, it should not be built and NO they do not support it, but they cannot come out and say so because that would null the attack Zack has on right wingers.

    Why did Obama have a religious dinner/celebration at the WH for Ramadan? Zack, you did know that right? If Christians/Jews etc went to a similar function at the WH the ACLU and the libs would let out a scream heard around the world. I think it is telling that Obama did not attend the Arlington Cemetery ceremony, nor did he attend the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree 100 year celebration. But yet he made time to host a Ramadan dinner. With the Arlington Cemetery ceremony he opted to hangout with his Chicago buddies. With Boy Scouts of America Jamboree he chose to appear on a women’s gossip TV show.

    As it is, it is election time and Obama will flip flop on this within the next two weeks, after he sees that more and more Americans are not with him and his big push to love Muslims,. There is this, and NASA, and his big speech during Ramadan. He was a Muslim and has a love for them because of his father who is one.

    Zack, when I get back from the fair tonight, I will find more Bob Dole with his hand stuff.

    • Zach says:

      Steve, are you saying Christians/Jews haven’t celebrated major holidays of their religions at the White House?

      Obama hosted a Passover seder, while George W. Bush hosted a Menorah lighting to mark Hanukkah. What about the White House Christmas celebrations hosted by the various presidents at the White House? The last time I checked, Christmas was a Christian holiday, and I don’t recall the ACLU raising a fuss about any of the celebrations I’ve noted.

    • proud progressive says:

      Its funny I answered your question DIRECTLY, and you find a way to disregard it because it was not the answer you were looking for. So typical. I have looked and cant find a single question you asked about my religion but I am sure its a good one so please re-ask it.

      I am still waiting for my $1000. How should i expect to receive it?

  18. rocknwroll says:

    Steve is probably a neo-nazi skinhead that prowls neighborhoods at night wearing a bedsheet over his head

    • Zach says:

      That’s taking things way too far. Steve’s opinionated (and often wrong), but just because he’s to the far right of the political spectrum doesn’t mean he’s a “neo-nazi skinhead.”

  19. rocknwroll says:

    I am not on the left or the right and I “do” support the mosque being built exactly where this group of “Americans” chooses to build it.

  20. rocknwroll says:

    If the zoning commission disallows it then they can go to court, that is their right. People who want to limit the legal rights of others must be fought. Take away the freedom of religion, next the freedom of speech, next the freedom thought, freedom to read what you want, freedom to associate with who you want, and on it will go. The basic mentality of it all is tyranny. If these people do not fight for their rights, they are dishonoring the principles this country was founded on.

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