What’s the Matter with WI?

The latest Rasmussen poll has Senator Feingold trailing by 12%. This absolutely blows my mind given the performance and positions held by Republican Tea Party candidate Ron Johnson. Do the residents of Wisconsin really want to expand the “party of no and party of nonsense” with another reliable Mitch McConnell vote? The members of this party vote in lockstep and unlike the Democratic Party face significant consequences (unless your name is Jim DeMint) for bucking their party. There is no longer any such beast called a moderate Republican, so we can see where Ron Johnson would show up and what types of votes he would make against the interests of WI residents, at least those in the middle class and those struggling for a better life.

Moral Hypocrisy in the Christian Right – Bishop Eddie Long

It’s a whole new meaning for the term missionary….

Some of you may have heard about yet another sexual hypocrite in the Christian right, this time in the guise of multi-millionaire, manipulative sexual predator Bishop Eddie Long of the New Birth Missionary Baptist Mega Church in Atlanta. Good old Bishop Eddie Long is one of the most virulent anti-gay African American pastors in the country calling “homosexuality a spiritual abortion”.

26,500 Estimated Listeners at Obama’s Madison Rally Yesterday

Here’s some coverage of Obama’s stump speech in Madison yesterday evening before an estimated 26,500 people. I love how he says we “deal in facts” in great contrast to the fact free GOP. He also gets deserved applause for having passed health care reform. I also love the feedback from an audience member “tell it like it is”.

More tea party ridiculousness

Tea Partier and Fox entertainment star John Stossel. Stossel was a guest last night on the Factor, where Bill O asked the question “Are some Americans simply too dumb to vote?” Stossel, after a copied jaywalking type segment, came back…