Paul Ryan is a Fox creature, as is evidenced by his recent interview on the Fox Business Channel where he endorses Rupert Murdoch’s Fox Republican Platform:

  • No New Taxes (unless it is on the middle class, not the top 2% that now have 20% of the wealth in America)
  • No New Bureaucrats (unless they are well paid Republican lobbyists or Liberty University graduates attacking equal rights or our own “homies” diverting money to our benefactors)
  • Cut Spending (unless it is for the wealthy and for the industrial military complex or in Ron Johnson’s case for a railroad to his private factory)
  • Repeal Obamacare (because we have the Cadillac health plan as US representatives and god forbid that you have anything like what we the anointed receive in representing you the “small people” )

Here is a video clip of Paul Ryan parroting and sucking up to his Fox lords platform –

If you’re a constituent with a pre-existing condition or a middle class taxpayer or a senior citizen nearing Medicare eligibility, you should realize what the party of no, the party of the 2%, the party of sending grandma to the streets means to you should they move into their ill deserved ascendancy.  You’ll be without health coverage, your taxes will be higher and you will be dependent on church soup kitchens when you become a senior citizen, while Paul Ryan and his ilk continue to suck on the government teet while bemoaning the government benefits that other citizens receive.

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