Watch as Republican Congressional candidate Sean Duffy struggles mightily while appearing on Fox News to give a straight answer on what he’d do to reform Social Security:

If Sean Duffy can’t handle a few softball questions on Republican-friendly Fox News without getting practically eaten alive, then how can anyone expect he’ll be able to be an effective advocate for the citizens of the 7th Congressional District in the House of Representatives?

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6 Responses to Watch Sean Duffy struggle mightily on Fox News

  1. Proud Progressive says:

    Its hard for the “reality star” to have an adult discussion, although I love that line from the right. Ryan uses it often. What a wreck of a congressman he would be. So he has been running for over a year now and he hasnt taken a look at ANY plans for how to fix SS or come up with anything on his own?

    Its funny how the right always says that ryan has the only plan. Here is the best plan, leave it as is and eliminate the cap. Then SS would be solvent for my grandkids lifetime.

  2. Jake formerly of the LP says:

    Proud progressive- No kidding. Amazing how the cap isn’t mentioned as a tax break that’s already in place for the rich. RoJo and co. pay a lot less than the 6.2% I pay in SS tax.

    On a less serious and more pertinent note, where in the 7th district is Duffy being interviewed from, because I don’t think anywhere up North has that kind of skyline.

  3. Ed Heinzelman says:

    “…I don’t think anywhere up North has that kind of skyline.”

    He probably had to go to the Fox affiliate station in Minneapolis.

  4. Annie K. says:

    They just put in a backdrop, he’s in front of a green/blue/whatever color screen. Probably whatever his local Fox Affiliate is, unless he’s travelling.
    I wouldn’t have noticed that though – good eyeballs!! and that was a really clueless backdrop choice for Wi, you’re right. Maybe they want to make it look like he’s in DC already, hittin’ stuff with an ax.

  5. Proud Progressive says:

    You can see his eyeballs so well, because he looks like a deer in headlights.

  6. Annie K. says:

    I wasn’t clear. I’m frequently too “stream of consciousness” when i type.
    I meant “good eyeballs” to the guy who noticed the weird skyline. Jake of the LP. I would not have noticed how un-Wisconsin-y it is.

    But U know, we all look like deer in headlights when guys like Sean Duffy are coming at us, good gawd. “as freshman senator I wanna look at some plans”
    “as freshman senator I wanna look at some plans”
    “as freshman senator I wanna look at some plans”
    someone should count how many times he says that in that one spot.
    I know I’m won over

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