For the past six months, I’ve been embedded with the Ron Johnson for Senate campaign…

So says Christian Schneider on the WPRI blog, as he promotes a story he wrote about the 2010 U.S. Senate race between Johnson and Sen. Russ Feingold.

According to its website, WPRI is a “nonpartisan, not-for-profit Institute,” but I can’t help but wonder how exactly embedding one of its own fellows with a U.S. Senate campaign is “nonpartisan.”

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3 Responses to But wait….I thought WPRI was supposed to be “nonpartisan”

  1. Proud Progressive says:

    these are some interesting columns, they really show what an empty suit ROJO really is. I wonder how the campaign people live with themselves when they get such uninteresting, unintelligent people elected!

  2. John Foust says:

    Of course he was the better candidate! He had more money!

  3. Locke says:

    Are you actually trying to make the argument that being embedded – doing research for a long-term, behind the scenes story necessarily means the journalist is partisan?

    If that’s a case, there’s a long list of journalists who fit the bill – including probably a majority of Pulitzer winners.

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