Sean Duffy took his first vote, and spoke on the floor of the house, for the first time. Unfortunately he took that time to break his first pledge. Politifact took a look at his vote compared to his campaign rhetoric and labeled it: A FULL FLOP.

It is quite obvious his moderate campaigning was a ruse and he went to Washington to represent the best interests of Wall St. Unfortunately the people of the 7th district in Wisconsin are no longer represented. Now they know how the people in Wisconsin’s 1st district feel.

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2 Responses to Full Flop

  1. Moreover, Duffys’ first speech on the floor of the House contained whiffs of what Politifact has called ” The Lie of the Year”: government takeover of health care.

    Duffy repeated, yet again, that the ACA puts health care decisions in the hands of bureaucrats, which just plain isn’t true. He also says we need a market based solution, which is what the ACA is. There is no public option or medicare buy-in in the ACA. Most Americans will still get their health insurance from the private sector.

    Duffy is a hell of a lumberjack and, when it comes to the ACA, a chronic liar.

  2. I agree, as a congressman he makes a hell of a lumberjack/reality star.

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