….and he’s a heck of a candidate for the Milwaukee Public School Board:

Other issues Ed’s hearing about in the neighborhood: school safety (though he acknowledges that the media does MPS no favors by focusing on the negative and ignoring the positive in our schools); cuts in art, music, and phy-ed; test scores and graduation rates, and parent involvement.

It’s the last of these that Ed is most passionate about. He tells the story of Darrell Finch and the work he’s done with the Milwaukee Housing Authority’s Education initiative. By getting involved in the lives of families living in public housing, Finch has been able to boost parent involvement in their children’s education and boost graduation and achievement rates for those students. “If children feel supported by their parents,” Ed said, “they will do better in school.” Parent education will be a key to this, including, Ed said, taking the education to where the parents live, which is not necessarily where their children go to school. He talked about partnering with the Boys and Girls Club or other groups to offer parent-student tutoring, at the same time, so that parents and children are learning together.

If you live in MPS’ 8th District and you want to learn more about Ed and/or his opponents, you can attend a candidate forum tonight:

Candidate Forum
Tuesday, February 8th
6:00pm-7:45pm, Bay View Library
2566 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., Milwaukee, WI

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6 Responses to Ed Heinzelman is a heck of a guy….

  1. Ed Heinzelman says:

    Thanks to those of you who showed up last evening…but cripes…couldn’t one of you tossed me a soft ball question?

  2. I hope you were prepared for the nefarious “what do you read?” question.

  3. Ed Heinzelman says:

    of course I replied: “Blogging Blue exclusively!”

  4. I believe the correct answer is

    “you know, any of them, all of them”

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