I have to work this morning, so it’s your turn to share what’s on your mind.

Have at it!


3 Responses to Friday Open Thread

  1. I wonder if Mubarak will show up at the CPAC conference. He’d probably get a warmer welcome than Rumsfeld and Cheney did.

  2. he has Koch brother money now so he can move here and buy some congressman and start a grass roots tea party movement

  3. Here is the newest addition to the health care crisis. Due to unemployment, my family is left without health insurance. When seeking treatment at a clinic, it is MORE expensive for those that are paying in cash as opposed to those that have a network. Now, in a small town on the border between MN and WI, I have called the clinic to obtain payment records for tax purposes. They informed me that if I want such records, I will need to pay $25 dollars, but because my family has different last names and my son is considered an adult, the cost will be $75. WTH. My tax accountant only charges $120. The woman in the accounting dept. of this clinic/hospital says that most people can get their tax information for free through their insurance company. So once again, I am penalized with an added cost due to lack of insurance. I have always gotten my payment records at the end of the year from this clinic. The reason that was given me by the accountant was that the clinic has a “NEW” computer system and it takes longer to find the appropriate records. What? Your “NEW” computer is less efficient than the previous one? How can that be? Another way to gouge the family and get more money. I am appalled at the behavior of this WI clinic!! There are other clinics nearby and I may well just move to one of them. Maybe to the closest one in MN.

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