Scott Walker’s budget trojan horse

Democratic State Rep. Marc Pocan exposes the budgetary trojan horse that is Gov. Scott Walker’s claim of a $3.6 billion state budget deficit for the next biennium:

Governor Scott Walker’s manufactured $3.6 billion state budget deficit in the next biennium is rapidly unraveling as a bogus figure. Yesterday I pointed out that the figure is based on $3.9 billion in new agency requests (Table 1) for a spending increase of 6.2%, a figure we noted is never approved by the legislature. Those are REQUESTS, not actual dollars expended.

Well today the non-partisan legislative Fiscal Bureau released a memo showing that in the current state budget, agencies requested a 9.7% increase in GPR dollars, yet were given an actual REDUCTION of 2.6%. That’s a difference of nearly $3.5 billion!

That means this isn’t just a bunch of Democrats looking at the numbers that are being used to put a budget together and crying foul; this is hard and cold reality from a respected, unbiased resource – the non-partisan Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

H/T to The Chief.

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  1. the fuck you talking about desperate? walker has not done a single legitimate thing in his month and a half and incited huge protests over the bullshit he is presenting.
    democrats have nothing to worry about. walker on the other hand, walker should be very, very scared.