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I know what you are thinking right now: Is trumpery really a word? It sure is and this is what it means: According to the American Heritage Dictionary, trumpery is showy but worthless, nonsense, and trickery! That about sums up the description of Donald Trump’s recent behavior as he rounded the televison circuit.  His most recent interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America explains why those individuals obsessed with polls might want to be a bit more cautious since Trump leads in most of them by as many as nine points as a GOP front-runner.  It is specifically for this reason, that the GOP must free themselves from their Tea Party affiliation.   The only question is this: Can they?

Let’s not forget: Donald has been a bad boy lately!  He has recently gone on record attempting to re-litigate an issue which has been settled for nearly two years now; the issue of whether the President was truly born in the United States of America.  Forget the fact, that Factcheck and other organizations, including the State of Hawaii, placing the literal copy of the Birth Certificate on the internet for all to see, along with a signature from the physician delivering our President into this world, or the stamped seal of the State of Hawaii.  This stuff apparently sells, and Donald is sticking to his story.  According to Donald,  “there is a great possibility that our President was not born in the United States, and, if so, he’s pulled the greatest con on the Country in history.”  Apparently, the GOP suffers from the same delusion as polls indicate that four out of every five Republicans believe this myth.

And what about the rest of Donald’s statements released to wit? How about how this President is the absolute worst one in history! Really, Donald? I never knew you studied history in depth to know how all of our Country’s Presidents rank.  But let’s forget the cheap blow for the moment and look at how Donald plans to handle the oil crisis in our Country.  It seems to me Trump believes he can talk to leaders of Countries the same way he speaks to contestants on his Apprentice reality show.  He is actually under the delusion that he can tell the leaders from Sadia Arabia “the games are over, and we provide troops at no cost to your Country so you better come up off the oil” (paraphrased). 

In addition, Stepanopoulos brought to the surface several inconsistencies in Trump’s faux candidacy.  First, he higlighted how Trump was for a 14.8% fair tax for all Americans several years back, only to see Donald tell George  how “we live in a different time now.” And,  what about Donald’s adopted pro-choice stance he has adopted through the years?  Oh, now Trump is pro-life!  Finally, if three divorces and three bankruptcies are not enough to make Trump un-electable, there is always his response to George asking him how he planned to handle our economy when he has filed for three bankruptcies.  Trump’s response?  After trying to dodge the fact that he did, in fact,  file for bankruptcy three times, he stated: “We buy these companies, we file bankruptcy, and make a good profit off of them.” (paraphrased).  Wow! Capitalism at work, huh? And what about the bills he has left creditors hanging with?Thanks, Donald for providing the voters with an insight as to how you might handle our economy if elected.

While Trump may not be serious about running, he certainly looks as though he is.  So, how do you think this is going to end? What role do you see the Tea Party playing in the nomination of the next GOP contender?  Finally, if you were Trump’s advisor, what advice would you provide him? What about the GOP leadership? Many contributors deny the impact the Tea Party will have in the 2012 Presidential election.  Here is but one example of why this cannot possibly be true.  Can the GOP leadership trump Donald telling  him the very words he has told so many contestants on his reality show: “Your fired!” I am looking forward to your thoughts!



  • I dearly hope the Tea Party gives Trump the GOP presidential nomination, with Michelle Bachmann as VP. It’s a dream ticket for the Dems, and an absolute gold mine for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    God knows we could all use a good, long, several month laugh, in fact, I’m starting to giggle just imagining it.


  • Donald and Michele would be quite a ticket, Steve.

    And funny. And, unfortunately, dangerous in the way that they bring intolerance to the surface:

    VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sXEKi4HS6GY


  • Ed Heinzelman

    Even Fox has had the sense to drop potential Republican candidates from their employ…when will NBC wake up and realize they may have an issue?


  • I think Trump should be compelled to produce his hair certificate. Or maybe that’s a tumbleweed stuck to his head?


  • Dr. Bears numbers are a little high.

    Roughly 50% of Iowas GOP’ers believe Obama was born out of the country. Another 25% or so aren’t sure. 25% of all Americans are birthers.

    I’ve commented in the past about the culture borne disorder, Dumbass, and this is strong evidence that the disorder is contagious.

    Trump is very convincingly pretending to have Dumbass, but I think it’s much more likely he has an ethics resistant strain of Smartass, and that he’s deliberately become the Typhoid Mary of his day.

    What vicious irony. We survive Swine Flu, Bird Flu, and any other number of infectious diseases, only to find ourselves imperiled due to a pernicious, virulent, and rapidly spreading outbreak of national Dumbass.


  • Trump is a smart guy, like all of his peers. It’s not about whether he believes in what he is saying, rather it’s all about whether he thinks he can get you to buy what he’s pitching. It’s a con job. I’m more inclined to think that he’s actually creating a piece of performance art, at which some point he’ll announce the scam and laugh all the way to the bank.

    Trump will not run for president. He will have to fully disclose his financial situation and be exposed for the fraud that he is. Enjoy it while it lasts, he won’t be around long and he knows it.


    • Yeah, I’m inclined to believe all Trump is doing is getting free publicity to drive up ratings for his show on NBC.


    • Laurie G

      Trump and P. T. Barnum….


      • It’s good to have you back, Laurie.

        Trump is a huckster of the highest order, and while I’d certainly love to see him make a serious run for president just because it’d be entertaining to no end, I find the bile he’s spewing to be reprehensible and irresponsible.


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