Republican recall target and well known charity plunderer Dan Kapanke, was recently the target of threats and vandalism! So much so he felt the need to cancel numerous appearances.

Kapanke issued a written statement saying he is evaluating future public appearances and would be “balancing his availability to the public and his safety”

Thanks to some great police work from the Capitol Police, they caught the culprit.

They determined “the angle of the impact of the object hitting the windshield is consistent with a stone being picked up from another vehicle tire and launched into the air,” causing the crack.

It seems even the earth is against Governor Walker’s budget “repair” bill. No word yet on if they will be issuing a citation to Mother Nature.

3 Responses to Even Mother Nature is on our side…

  1. Steve Hanson says:

    DOA reported that Mother Earth cost the state 300 billion dollars for windshield repairs.

  2. Mike says:

    Pebbles must be among the dreaded “outside agitators.”

  3. priscianusjr says:

    You forget that the police are union members, and like all union members they are lying thugs. I got that straight from the GOP, so you can be sure it’s true.

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