This is a guest blog by none other than contributor Steve Carlson:

Paul Ryan’s good buddy Glenn Beck has fallen on hard times. It looks as though Beck’s lunatic run on Fox News is coming to an end.

Beck entertained Congressman Paul Ryan on his radio show last April and told Ryan he loved him after Ryan stated that he was trying to ” indict the entire vision of progressivism.” Ryan readily agreed with Beck that progressivism is a “cancer.” They got along just swell, as you can watch for yourself.

So now that Beck is on his way out at Fox News, I think Congressman Ryan should visit his old buddy on the set before the show goes off the air. It’s an opportunity for Ryan to further tout his much ballyhooed “Roadmap” and to demonstrate some loyalty to his old pal.

So do the right thing, Congressman Ryan, and give your old buddy Glenn Beck a boost before he signs off for good. After all, he loves you.

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4 Responses to Guest Blog: Fox News & Glenn Beck part ways

  1. bofcudahy says:

    I never watched his show, but I had no idea until recently off the wall he is. I feel sorry for him, since he probably believes his weird conspiracy theories.

    • Julia says:

      I don’t think there’s any way he believes any of the BS he spouts. He has said on the record that he is just a rodeo clown, and it’s just entertainment. But don’t try telling one of his faithful that.

  2. But Paul Ryan watched his show, and when Beck wondered aloud if Ryan was a true conservative Ryan came a runnin’. What a lapdog. Makes you wonder what Paul Ryan’s really made of.

  3. Jeff Simpson says:

    Ryan likes to get on a national platform and talk about having adult conversations, and treating problems like adults,, etc…

    Then he jumps on the hate wave and talks about progressives being “cancer” and how he is kryptonite to progressives, etc…

    He is such a child and needs to be sent to the same unemployment line he has worked so hard to send thousands in his district too.

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