I’m betting the answer is no, but here’s a video from the “About Randy” page on Hopper’s recall campaign website.

Obviously that ad is from Sen. Hopper’s 2008 election campaign, but he probably should take it off his website, because I’m betting his soon to be ex-wife doesn’t want to be used as a prop in Hopper’s recall election campaign. If Randy Hopper wants to share a little about his “family” with voters, perhaps he should ask his girlfriend if she’d be interested in shooting an ad for him.

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3 Responses to So will Randy Hopper use his family as props in his campaign ads?

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    this time he will be at a sorority party for his ads

  2. David Altman says:

    He throws like a girl.

  3. K. little says:

    All the NEGATIVE media about Wis. politics doesn’t make one want to visit your state. It sounds VERY scary for regular independent or dem. voters. The party in control doesn’t seem to care much for its teachers ,policemen, or firemen by throughing them under the bus. It sounds like a big union busting state. Ya’ll should look into ALEC to see where your laws are coming from. GOOD LUCK.

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