It’s common for Republican elected officials to complain about how high taxes are here in Wisconsin, and I’ve often wondered how Republicans like State Sen. Randy Hopper, who paid net state income taxes only once in ten years, can complain about how high taxes are when they pay little to nothing in taxes themselves.

At Drinking Liberally on Monday, Cory Liebmann of Eye on Wisconsin pointed out that soon to be recalled Republican State Sen. Rob Cowles can be added to the list of Republicans legislators who complain about high taxes yet pay little to nothing in taxes, as Cowles paid no net state income taxes in 2008 and 2009. Along with State Sen. Dan Kapanke, who also paid no net state income taxes in 2008, Randy Hopper and Bob Cowles are representative of the hypocrisy of Republicans who complain about “high taxes” while not actually having to pay any taxes.

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One Response to Why do Republicans complain about high taxes when they don’t pay any taxes?

  1. William Evans says:

    It is the easyist to complain about things that do not effect you, you have a staff to assist you in finding those loopholes you can sail a battleship thru. Then bitch as loud as you can so that those around you know you are on there side, then pray like hell that no one takes a good look at you so that they discover you may have assisted in writing the rules so they do not apply to you. One last question, how much do our legislators pay towards their health care and retirement as servants of the people. Oh what am I thinking, they don”t serve us we suffer form them.

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