Though he’s resisted my overtures to become a contributor here at Blogging Blue, Zuma Bound typically sends me a bunch of really great links every day. While I can’t always compose a full blog entry on each link I’m sent, I feel the links are worth sharing.

Having said that, here’s Zuma Bound’s morning links.

Have a great morning!

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8 Responses to Zuma Bound’s morning links

  1. Locke says:

    I thought he was leaving, stomping his feet and never to return after getting pissed off at Ed’s appeal for little bit of decorum.

    • Zuma Bound says:

      One person’s “decorum” is another’s “false equivalency”.

      If that concept is too complex for you, let me know. I’ll try to simplify it for you.

    • Zach says:

      Zuma sends me links to stuff he finds interesting via email….until he tells me not to, I’m free to post those links. If Zuma chooses not to comment here, that’s his choice, but until he tells me to stop posting the links he sends me, I’m going to post them, because I think they’re certainly worth folks reading.

  2. Nice, snarky comment there Mr. Even Handedness.

    • Locke says:

      I’ll admit, it was kinda snarky – but did I say anything untrue? Was that an unfair summary of what happened?

      • Zuma Bound says:

        Clueless and tunnel-visioned as usual, my dear Locke. . .

        Ever play chess?

      • Zuma Bound says:

        @ Locke

        “I’ll admit, it was kinda snarky”. . .

        Look, I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings in the past with the occasional intellectual ass-whooping. But, it’s time to let it go, big boy.

        Tell you what. Let’s just continue this discussion under, “Locke’s Morning Links”, huh?


  3. Zuma Bound says:

    @ Locke

    “[B]ut did I say anything untrue? Was that an unfair summary of what happened?”

    The simple answers, dear Locke, are, “Yes” and “Yes”.

    In any event, Locke, as Zach noted above, I send him links to things that I find interesting and enlightening. He is, and has been, free to post them in any form that he saw or sees fit to.

    As he also noted above, posting them as “Zuma Bound’s Morning Links” was entirely his idea.

    Given our history, yours and mine, that is, that “pat on the back” from Zach may tend to “frost” you a little bit, but there’s nothing that I can do about that. All I can say is, “Get over it”, and maybe trying reading and commenting upon one of the suggested links, instead of getting so oddly “snarky” and personal after so much time has passed since we last “crossed swords”.

    So, why not just get back to dealing with substance, rather than passive aggressive personal attacks.

    Let the hurt feelings go, and get back to focusing on the issues, instead of doing things like disingenuously and opportunistically seizing on the “dispute” that I had with Ed over his having suggested a truly false equivalency between what I write and what Notalib writes in order to work them out.

    That didn’t just reveal the lingering resentment which you clearly continue to feel toward me, it was, as Steve pointed out in that plainspoken way of his, it was uncool, uncalled for and an oddly dissonant non-sequitor.

    In any event, you would be better served by working on freeing or “unLock[e]ing”, if you will, your intellect from the enormous constraints that ideology and cultural outlook clearly place on it here, day in and day out. If, one day, you are successful in that endeavor, maybe you’ll remind me a little less of the Black Knight who guarded the footbridge in “Monty Python and The Holy Grail”.

    Buena suerte con esto, Locke.

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