It’s well-chronicled that David VanderLeest, the leader of the effort to recall Democratic State Senator Dave Hansen has a long and sordid criminal history, but thanks to the wonders of open records laws and some very helpful friends, you too can now read all about David VanderLeest’s proclivities for assaultive behavior towards women.

  • In a report dated 7/30/06 an intoxicated David VanderLeest had an argument with his wife and proceeded to throw her across the kitchen and prevent her from calling 911 for help. Once authorities arrived VanderLeest attemted to evade police but was located and arrested. Included in the report is a statement that this was not the first time VanderLeest had beaten his wife.
  • In this report, dated 10/26/06, VanderLeest was alleged to have told his wife he would kill her if she testified against him in a previous domestic abuse case that was still pending. When VanderLeest found out his wife was going to testify, he responded by grabbing her by the hair and throwing her to the ground. Curiously, this report also notes Vanderleest wanted his wife to see a psychic (which she acquiesced to) to see where their marriage was headed, as if it took a rocket scientist to see where VanderLeest’s marriage was headed
  • Then on 08/10/09, VanderLeest had another physical altercation with his wife, an altercation that resulted in his wife having bruises to her thigh and a large lump on her head, injuries his wife said were sustained as a result of VanderLeest physically assaulting her.
  • Not finished with his wife on 08/10/09, VanderLeest violated the conditions of his release in the incident from earlier that day, resulting in VanderLeest being re-arrested after he defied written and verbal instructions to stay away from his wife.

And this is the man who thinks he’s eminently more qualified and capable of serving the residents of the 30th State Senate district than Dave Hansen.

The fine folks at PolitiScoop have their own take on VanderLeest’s criminal record.

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3 Responses to David VanderLeest: now with police reports!

  1. Jeff Simpson says:

    what a perfect example(along with Kim Simac) of what a joke the tea party has become.

  2. MichiganChet says:

    Wow. This guy is a real P.O.S. (The first letter stands for ‘Piece’, the second for ‘Of’ and you can guess the rest). How typical of a bankrupt party that this is the best they can come up with

  3. Jim Florio says:


    Do you still beat your wife, literally ?!?

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