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More incivility and anger from David Prosser

I’m beginning to truly believe Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser has a very serious anger management problem and should seek help.

Curiously, there’s been no criticism of Justice Prosser from the usual suspects in the Right Wing Outrage Brigade, but I’m willing to bet cash money that if Justice Prosser were a liberal-leaning justice, they’d be on this like white on rice.

17 comments to More incivility and anger from David Prosser

  • Jake formerly of the LP

    Sort of intentionally over-the-top “gotcha” stuff, but it sure beats the ass-kissing that most political coverage is. You’ll notice that Crooks, Abrahamson, and to an extent Ziegler are all at least diplomatic with the guy, while Prosser acted like a petulant 12-year-old (not unlike the average WisGOPper these days, come to think of it).

    Dude has to go. And anyone in a Senate recall election should bring up the point, as the Legislature has the power to impeach this bum well before we recall him and Gableman.


  • I was just gonna post this under the title… “The Prosecution Rests” No Further witnesses your Honor!!


  • JCG

    Clearly, reasonable people will see Chief Justice Abrahamson shares equal responsibility for his microphone grabbing.


  • Christian Schneider already has witnesses that saw the microphone attack Justice Prosser.


  • T.

    I’m actually impressed at how Justice Crooks, Abrahamson, and Ziegler carried themselves with how the Reporter was being extremely rude. That being said, Justice Prosser … It looks like he immediately regretted it when he realized he grabbed the microphone.

    Those three compared to Justice Prosser all had a very different style in dealing with a dick reporter.


  • Who knew that when Scott Walker told the faux Koch he’d thought about planting troublemakers in the crowd he was referring to David Prosser.


  • Michael Clark

    Prosser immediately hands the microphone back once he realizes that the camera is filming the encounter 20 feet in front of them.


  • morninmist

    June 30, 2011 at 9:29 pm · Reply

    Clearly, reasonable people will see Chief Justice Abrahamson shares equal responsibility for his microphone grabbing.
    Clearly you have been drinking the Repup Kool-Aid.


  • mornin….sarcasm does not always translate well to the written word.


  • T.

    Actually, I’m rewatching the whole video again now that I can have a fresh look at it. The way he grabbed the microphone instinctively and then realized what he’d done a moment later, just his expression and how he looked. Like he can’t actually trust his own responses or they that out of control. I commented back when he didn’t remember he went to the State Capitol that he might actually might have something wrong with him and how he acted made me think … maybe there might be serious problems with him.

    That being said? I’m not sure where this is going to lead at this point. He could get away with this kind of thing before, because a State Supreme Court is kind of an obscure branch of government that nobody thinks of, but with the attention on politics now this won’t sink immediately as planned. But now he’s drawn attention to himself, and every reporter in the state if not nationally has realized that he’s a gold mine of attention-grabbing stories. This will likely only increase his stress and anger.


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