Earlier today Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (pictured, right) made it crystal clear he supports Republican-organized efforts to run fake Democratic candidates in recall elections against the six Republican State Senators who are facing recall elections. Speaking about running fake Democratic candidates in the recall elections against Republican State Senators, Sen. Fitzgerald called running the fake Democratic candidates a “tool” to allow those Republican State Senators more time to campaign, adding that the Republican State Senators have known about the plan for weeks.

Apparently Sen. Fitzgerald doesn’t care that the Republican plan to run fake Democratic candidates in the recall elections against the six Republican State Senators will cost Wisconsin taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars in extra costs related to the elections, as contested primaries will necessitate primary elections in addition to the general elections. According to a report in the Fond Du Lac Reporter, Fond Du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiburg said each election, whether it be a general recall election or a primary leading up to the recall election, would cost taxpayers about $10,000.

So remember….while Scott Fitzgerald and Republicans talk about being “fiscally responsible,” their fiscal responsibility gets thrown right out the window when it comes to preserving their majorities in the legislature, instead replaced by a partisan disregard for the costs they’re placing on Wisconsin’s taxpayers.

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14 Responses to Scott Fitzgerald supports wasting taxpayer money for purely partisan benefit

  1. Mike says:

    This plays well with the wingers, but no one else, including the broad middle where these elections will be won or lost.

  2. Notalib says:

    AFSCME union organizer Jason Sidener recruited Andrew Wisniewski to run as a Republican in an attempt to siphon votes away from Ziegelbauer in the conservative district.

    Looks like the Republicans are just following a tactic that the unions once again set.

    • Zach says:

      Big difference between that and one of the two parties actively working to put fake candidates on the ballot, but I don’t expect you to see the difference.

    • Jeff Simpson says:

      Notalib find me the link where Mark Miller helped coordinate this and worked with Mike Tate to make it happen and I will gladly write a post saying what a good idea this is and excoriating Miller. thanks!

  3. T. says:

    … Now this is interesting: See 12.05.

    I doubt the Republicans will get in trouble for this since they have casually broken the law in order to stop the Democrats who used legal means the entire time despite their hooting and hollering – but I find it interesting regardless.

    • Zach says:

      That is interesting….I wonder how/if that could be applied in these cases.

      • T. says:

        It won’t be. The Republicans can get away with everything.

        I am a little upset if you can’t tell that they didn’t remove my name. They used my name, they used my family’s names, they went down the phone book and used our names.

        Watch out in a few years for someone from the Green Bay in politics. They will know my name. It will begin with a T.

        • Jeff Simpson says:

          T is there a place on line you can go and find signatures….

          when you run let us know so I can endorse yoU!

          • T. says:

            I will. I want to be prepared though: I want to have the money, I want to have the knowledge of law, and I want to earn a following. It likely won’t be the first time – I know I won’t succeed the first time.

            I am still very young, in my early 20s to be exact. Still a baby in that respect. That is why I am going to wait. I am going to use my anger and use it so I can work my way to the top, then use it to pass things that are sensible while calling out on the injustice of others.

            I have to give thanks to NotaLib — he is a huge reason I’m going in. It has been mulling in my mind for a few years now, the Republican’s actions and hypocrisy pushed it to the surface. And being called a terrorist when I gave my all to charities, to our troops, and seen the pain of the various veterans over the years … That was the final push.

            It will begin with a T.

            • Notalib says:

              I wish you the best of luck. I have a daughter in law who is a far left progressive who is also going into politics. While I love her she knows I will work very hard to see she is defeated, just as I will do for you T once you start. But the best of luck to you

              • T. says:

                I won’t be surprised, besides. I have to be blunt — I think the Republicans are going to take control of this country. In fact, I think it needs to happen and for us to suffer a worse Great Depression than the one in the 1930s. I don’t think it will wake you up – you’ll simply blame liberals despite the side you worship and adore having complete control of the country.

                This is not saying I’m going to give up my design job or anything, chances are I’m probably going to continue working on that and creating my own business before I actually use that to fund what I am planning.

                • Notalib says:

                  I hope you are right T. it is clear the current administration hs no idea how to end the slide he has put the economoy into. We nee dto put fiscal conservatives into power people who will make the hard choices that will be needed to balance the budget and stop the insane out of control spending. I know we have a different perspective on this, you feel that if we could just tax the rich more we could contniue spending on every federally funded program, every state funded program and the country would just be fine. I do not see it that way. I do believe that sacrifice will be needed by all but sadly and this is fact those on the lower end of the economic scale are going to be hurting from these changes as those who have been successful for one reason or another are not going to feel it the same way.

                  • T. says:

                    I don’t think we need to tax the rich – at least with the system we have now. We need to change the whole tax system completely, since the income tax is completely unfair and unjustifiable. I myself felt the squeeze when I got being paid over a $100 per hour as a designer, and while yes that is pretty impressive? A reason why many people choose not to raise their salary? Is because they will end up getting taxed more if they change the bracket to the point they will actually be getting less money.

                    I think we need to stop attacking the 1% because these are the doctors, the high class artists, the scientists, business owners, and the people who work hard for heir money and have a right to earn it. We need to narrow it down and get the minority within the 1% — the 30,000 or so people that live off of our work.

                    I am against the income tax completely, it’s broken beyond belief – not to mention the people who skip out on their taxes are at the very top because they have virtually no income because they’re getting their bargains due to sweetheart deals in the government. They to me, are more of welfare queens than the people on the bottom who actually make a lot of money but can’t get ahead because of the said taxes. In my free time I have been thinking of an alternative to the income tax system, and despite what most liberals think – I would not suggest the wealth tax because that could also end up hurting people. It’s a reason why people in France who retire end up suffering greatly to the point if they live too long they actually get taxed to the point they are in poverty. That’s not right.

                    Furthermore, I do realize we have to cut spending across the entire board. What I want to do is a mix of taxing, regulation, and cutting spending. We also got to stop the whole trickle down theory as well, since I’ve talked with many liberals and libertarians who all agree it doesn’t work at all.

  4. Jeff Simpson says:

    I notice no one is addressing the huge cost to taxpayers…..

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