WI Voices is reporting fraudulent Robocalls in District 10 today, where there’s a recall primary going on today with a fake Democrat taking on a real Democrat.  The call says it is from a “Right to Life Group” and that people shouldn’t worry about getting to the polls, as their absentee ballot is already in the mail.  The message is a fraudulent one.  If you are in that district, please vote.

Blue Cheddar also reports District 30 is receiving some of the fraudulent calls.  Both sources say the phone number is from the DC suburbs of Virginia, but Blue Cheddar notes that a simple google search of the number shows that there were Robocalls coming from that number in March supportive of Scott Walker.

Mr. Walker has complained about election fraud, and now is the time for him to do something about it.  Here’s the short email I am sending Mr. Walker immediately:

Governor Walker:

You recently signed a Voter Id bill designed to combat supposed election fraud in Wisconsin, so I know you are concerned about election fraud.  Election fraud is a crime, after all.  It has come to my attention that today, Wisconsin voters are receiving fraudulent calls from a number in Virginia telling them not to vote.  That number is 703-420-3201.  Please have your people look into it.

Oh, by the way, Mr. Walker, it seems that Robocalls in support of your stripping bargaining rights from state employees came from the same number back in March.  Perhaps you can give your investigators a heads up in their work with some insight into who paid for those calls.

I’ll be copying this note to the Federal Election Commission and the GAB.


Steven Reynolds

Please feel free to send your own letter is the fight against election fraud.  Thank you.

3 Responses to Illegal Robocalls in LaCrosse, Green Bay? Let’s Ask Scott Walker. . .

  1. More a dirty trick than illegal. Third parties are allowed to distribute absentee ballots, but the pre-primary timing is a an attempt to deceive. If the targeted voters do not actually have absentee ballots sent to them, that’s another potential legal issue that needs to be followed up on.

  2. Dennis stone says:

    fucking repug kochsucker

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